Want to get Pregnant Faster, Eat More Fruits; Study Suggests

A study by the University of Adelaide has found that women who eat 3 servings of fruits a day conceive at least half a month quicker than women who only eat fruits one to 3 times a month. It was also evident that the consumption of fast foods delayed conception with women who ate it 4 or more times a month taking nearly a month longer to fall pregnant.

5,600 pregnant women between 14 and 16 weeks gestation took part in the study sharing how long it took to fall pregnant and what they ate in the lead-up to conception.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Among all the couples in the study, 468 (8%) couples were classified as infertile (defined as taking longer than a year to conceive) and 2204 (39%) conceived within a month. When the researchers looked at the impact of diet on infertility, they found that in women with the lowest intake of fruit, the risk of infertility increased from 8% to 12%, and in those who ate fast food four or more times a week, the risk of infertility increased from 8% to 16%.

Fruits are really high in antioxidants which research has found to be very beneficial for fertility. It can help to reduce inflammation and it’s also very high in fibre.

Here’s the takeaway message here. If you are actively trying to become pregnant, eat healthier and increase your fruit intake, avoid smoking, cut back on fast foods, and reduce your alcohol intake.


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