Under the Sea at the Village Market

Listen, if your kids have been a little over-active and you’d like to wear them out for a day, you have to take them to Under the Sea at the Village Market. That place is simply fantastic!

The theme is sea world like the name suggests with lights that are designed to make you feel like you are under the ocean. Turtles, fish, octopuses, and the like all over the wall and around the room. Screens and projected fish animation that have calming effects all over the place. Pretend puffy clouds above, a shark and even a small plane. This place is beautiful.

For kid’s activities, there’s a sand box, a painting area, ball, sponge & Lego pits as well as some brightly colored ball suspended on ropes that the kiddos can climb on (let me know what they are called if you have an idea).

There’s also an intricate ladder maze that leads to the trampoline and the adrenaline-charged slides. The bigger kids really enjoyed this part.

The whole room has sitting areas for the parents watching the younger kids, and there’s also a quieter upstairs where observers can see their kids below.

The place is clean, the staff friendly. The toilets are spotless and the sinks are low enough for the little hands to reach. There’s also a changing table in the girl’s room.

By the end of the day we were all so tired that the kids passed out in the car. The other moms I was with just sat back and let the kids enjoy but my younger one is 2 years and I was just not comfortable letting her play alone. And boy, did she make me work.

During weekdays, the charges are Ksh. 350 for kids under 3 years and Ksh. 550 for older kids. The prices go higher from Friday through to Sunday at Ksh. 450 for the younger kids while those over 3 years are charged Ksh. 750. Observers are charged Ksh. 200.

Are you planning to visit? Have you visit before? How did you like it? Do you know any other cool place that I can take the kids? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Under the Sea at the Village Market

  1. hi, does the prices include all the activities? or that is just an entry fee then all the activities you pay separately?

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