The Valentines I’ll Never Forget

I’m not sure who’s going to be my date for today’s Valentine’s Day, but I know that I already received this gift right here. I wanted to do a post on what I did the last Val’s day but I don’t want it to go on record that I actually did it.

All I know is that I’ll never forget it!

I’m still burning to tell. Maybe I’ll tell it someday.

Below is just a hint;

1:00– I visited my friend in Kahawa.

5:30– I head back to KU.

5:40– I get a call to hurry to Nyayo 4 (Long story. something to do with my friends and brownies)

6:00– I take so much cake.

6:20– My friend asks me how I’m feeling and I say I feel nothing as yet.

6:30– We all go to KM for supper. (We are many, about 9)

6:50– My friend asks me again how I’m feeling and I say the same thing.

7:00– We head back to the hostels.

7:10– We go to the hanging lines behind Nyayo 1’s tuck shop to get someone’s cloths. (I don’t know who.)

7:15– It hits me and carries me and I fly high! I start laughing…

7:20– I’m still laughing hysterically, I don’t know why. I just can’t stop.

7:21– I panic, something tells me that I’m going to die and I run towards my room leaving everyone else behind.

7:23– I’m at my door. My neighbor says hi. I don’t answer back. I can’t open the door.

7:25– I’m inside the room. It’s cold behind my head. My teeth are painful too. I’m really dying! I run out!

7:26– In my neighbor room. I don’t know how I got there. I’m telling them to call the ambulance.

7:30– The ambulance is not yet here. I remember that I have friends just three doors away.

7:31– I’m now banging at their door with all I’ve got, (which is basically a fist and my legs of course.)

7:35– On our way to the health unit. They still don’t know what is wrong.

(I tell them what is wrong in case we get there and I’m unconscious. I also switch off my phone as my friends are calling.)

8:00– The nurse is trying to make me talk. Yea, it’s true I took brownies but no, I don’t know where. How do I know they were brownies? I don’t know how. I just know.

8:31– She’s trying to get my pressure but I just can’t relax. I take the fact that she keeps repeating the process to mean that the pressure is deadly high and I panic more. I start crying.

8:10– The thirst hits me. I ask for a glass of water, then another one, then another one. One nurse tells me that I’ve exhausted all the water in the hospital and thus they can’t get more. I’m just going to die!

8:20– I’m explaining to the Doctor what is wrong with me. He seems not to understand that my head is cold, my teeth painful and my legs are vibrating. Now it’s the whole body. My whole body is vibrating. Why is he looking at me like I just swallowed a cow?

8:25– I’m told to lie down. My friends are called for questioning. Where were you when she told you to bring her here? Was she violent? How long have you known her? So, it’s not a mental condition?

8:30– He listens to my heart beat, writes something on the paper and sends me to the bad nurse again.

8:45– I get injected and just like that, I’m fine again. But just for a few seconds… The nurse spanks me (Yes, on my naked arse; She took advantage! can I sue?) and comments about my pretending that I don’t know where I took it. I assure her that I have no idea.

9:00– I’m admitted. I might be shivering as my friend’s ask me whether they can cover me up. All I want to do now is laugh. And I do. I laugh uncontrollably for so long until they start laughing with me.

‘Cess acha ujinga,’ that’s what they tell me. Sweet friends I have.

9:30– The paranoia is back. Are those people in the next office talking about me? OMG! It’s my facebook account. Are they discussing that? Someone says something about Wednesday. I have to stop them.

10:00– I storm out of the sick bay into the office where the noises are coming from. I knew it! It’s the bad nurse and some other people. I stand there. If they’re going to talk about me, then they should as well do it with me there.

10:10– The nurse comes to where I am. Asks whether I’m ok. ‘Imagine you have to respect my privacy,’ is my answer. She tells me to go back to the sick bay and sleep. She then starts going back to the office. I follow her. I’m not stupid. I know what’s going on.

3 days later– I’m still hiding in my room. Not because of shame, but because I’m afraid they’ll come get me. Who? I have no idea!

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26 thoughts on “The Valentines I’ll Never Forget

  1. Those seem like some really good brownies and i have heard about ingesting being so much worse too, apparently it takes a while cos it needs to be metabolised and digested. And if you fall off a horse you should get right back on.

  2. Why do I have a feeling that you're an expert in that field? lol About the people who made them, I think they would have warned me were it not for the fact that they were already stoned by the time I joined them.

  3. Sounds like a lot of drama!

    Maybe you ate too much?

    It's never a good idea to eat brownies on your first time, you don't know how much you're ingesting, better to ease into it slowly, with a lil smoke, so you can find the right level for you. Whoever made em should've known better..

  4. You couldn't have described it better. If I've ever felt that I was close to death, it was that time. I was scared. The wierd part is that I knew I was behaving like a high person would, only, I could not control it.

  5. It sounds like a real nightmare -It starts off with the giggles which soon become uncontrollable and then the real ordeal of believing that you are actually going mad. All sense of time is distorted a kind of slow motion. I am so happy that you too came out unharmed on the other side – thanks for sharing.

  6. I can see you know the feeling. I was afraid I would do the same! The hardest part was that I had to stay sane enough to avoid selling out my friends. The pressure! That was my first and last!

    Now whenever brownies are mentioned, my friends make fun of me! But it was a college worth experience.

  7. The last time I had some kind of brownies and smoked some kind of cigarettes, I was paranoid! I thought I was going to jump to my death!

    I was looking for someone to tie me to the bed so I don't jump from the second storey building!

  8. ha ha ha.. the tears I told you about.. If I had a valentines day like that I probably wouldn't forget it too.. ati the nurses are discussing your fb page, lmao

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