The TV Shows I’m Obsessed with Lately

The TV Shows I’m Obsessed with Lately

I love school holidays. As a SAHM who drops and picks her child from school, holidays provide a very personal and much needed break. I cannot get a lot done work-wise because I spend the month yelling, answering hundreds of questions, basking in the sun, making quick snacks, cleaning up after two little animals and watching a lot of TV. I love every minute of it.

I am a sucker for reality shows and here’s some of my favorite ones;

Face Off

Face-off is a prosthetic and makeup show where contestants compete to create the kind of prosthesis found in science fiction and horror movies. Each episode features two challenges; a foundation and a spotlight challenge and a contestant is eliminated until a final winner is eventually chosen. The show airs every weekday around noon on Fox Life.

Ultimate Survival

I think I have watched every episode of this show. Also known as Man Vs. Wild and Born Survivor: Bear Grylls, Ultimate Survivor is a show that follows  Bear Grylls as he tries to survive a week in the sort of place that you’d not survive in a day. From the hot and sandy Sahara dessert to the icy cold Russia, he scales down waterfalls, pulls himself up from bogs and eats whatever he can to survive. My favorite parts are when he roasts whatever he’s caught and eats it, mostly snakes. I do not like when he eats raw bugs like spiders and frogs. I am claustrophobic and I really hate when he squeezes through tiny crevices and water filled caves.

The show airs daily on Discovery Family.

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We all make mistakes but some mistakes are more permanent than others. In the quest for perfection, some people end up with plastic surgery disasters. This is where Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif come in. Their job is to reverse the mistakes and they do it so well. The show airs on E! Entertainment.

Mary Mary

This show follows that Gospel duo Erica and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary. And celebrities are just like us; struggling to balance career and family life and dealing with issues we also deal with like infidelity in marriage. The show airs on Viasat Life, Mondays around 5pm.

Hustle & Soul

This show follows the employees at The Pink Tea Cup headed by chef Lawrence. He is a lady’s man often mixing business and pleasure. His philandering ways cause lots of drama and jealousy to keep the show extremely entertaining. The show airs on Tuesday evening on Fox Life.

L.A. Hair

Kim Kimble is a household name in Hollywood. She is one of the most popular celebrity hair stylists. L.A. Hair follows the day to day drama at the Kim Kimble Hair Studio. The show airs on Fridays on Viasat Life.

Thou Shalt Not

I watched an episode of Medical Detectives 7 years ago and I was hooked to true crime. I find the stories as fascinating as they are scary. CBS Reality Channel brings a number of them in the evenings like Evil Twins, 24 Hours to Kill & Wives with Knives to mention just a few. Thou Shalt Not is a true crime series that reveals shocking details behind real grave sins like murders, scandals and cover-ups. The show airs Wednesday evenings on Fox Life.

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