The Girl

I am in the Mess with two of my girlfriends, Masha and Dama. We want to buy some juice. We really can’t  decide the flavour that we want. Being the ‘know it all’, I claim that mango is usually too thick for my liking. They think otherwise, with good reasons, I come to find out later. Our argument draws the attention of a girl standing close by and she surprises me when she says that the mango one is very sweet.

“Okay…” I resign and the conversation starts…

She says that  Masha’s eyebrows look good and wants to know who made them. Eager to show that she is an expert in that field, Masha quickly tells her that she tweezed them herself. The stranger feigns girly surprise and disbelieve to which Masha replies, telling her that her friend (me), can confirm that she is telling the truth.

“Ask her, she’s my closest,” Masha says.

“Closest what…?” the girl asks.

Thinking that it’s rather obvious that I am her closest friend, I retort by telling her that am Masha’s closest partner.

This leads to a series of discoveries. Another girl joins us and our friend introduces her as her partner. At first we think that she is simply kidding just like us, but after a number of ‘baby this’ and ‘baby that’, we leave the mess convinced that these girls are for real!!

We forget about the whole thing after that, but not for long. I am soon to discover that the girl who now has a name (I’ll call her Anne) lives a few doors from my room and is two years younger than me.

Funny enough, Anne cannot remember our mess encounter and I cant tell where she got the idea that I am gay. She becomes my friend and finally gathers the courage to ask me whether I just like girls or I am bisexual. You can imagine my shock as I laugh in her face and tell her that I am very straight. I am not convincing enough though, as she simply smiles knowingly, like she’s telling me that she totally understands.

The confusion sets in and I am not sure what my friend is; one day she is inviting me to a party (I should invite girls only), the next she is straight, then what am I doing on Friday, can she buy me drinks?

My fears are confirmed on a Friday over drinks in her room when I finally give in having convinced myself that she is just messing around and all hell breaks loose!!

“But I thought you said….” I try to remind her but she won’t let me talk.

“Yah am am bi…” she sighs.

The best I can do after this is avoid her which is hard, as she keeps coming to my room to ask what happened. It goes on until they break for a short holiday and we are left behind to start our exams.

A day before the exams, she calls me and says that she will be passing by. I say it’s ok. I shouldn’t have done that as she is in my room a moment later accompanied by her girlfriend, who is apparently coming to see her boyfriend. She leaves minutes after.

I continue reading which makes Anne really bored or angry, I do not know. To make matters worse I tell her that I was not planning to cook. I cannot tell exactly what pisses her off but five minutes after leaving, she sends me a text telling me that I really suck and I should not ask why? So I don’t…

A day later I get a text from her, ‘Hey gurl, xam waz hao. Op tough lyk goin ta’ heaven.. Hehe, 😉 nait u.’

Now am really confused. I do nothing….

Two weeks later, she writes,’Hey missy, insisting iz my tenth name so yah. Hea I go again. Nway, hop ur lyf’s great! Miss ur l*&s gurl, thea I sed it. Guday now.’

Pissed off, I write back. I know I should have left her to be but I’ve had enough. So I ask her what she wants, I thought I sucked!!!

She writes back, ‘Well, wat I want iz 2 kiss u. @ least tht, I knw. Cm’on (my name) I think ur smart enaf 2 knw wen I sed u suck I din ryly mean tht.. Js frustrated. Now, wen kan I c u?’

Ok am done won’t even reply.

Guys, you really have a rough time………

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6 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. I'll give you more ma dear. About the end, I dont know……….. That has been the end for the last two weeks. If she starts again I'll keep you posted.Dont think I can handle it though.,

  2. heeey,i like this encounter.guess i'l be visiting here daily,so u have to be giving us more of such….! btw,every person always wants to know the end of the story….!did you or r u intending to know how exactly it feels??
    cud be fun,who knows…

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