The 72 Hours No Phone Challenge

The 72 Hours No Phone Challenge

The thought of going without my phone for even a day gives me major anxiety. Cell phones have become such integral parts of our lives these days that most of us are deeply addicted. The rush of hormones that we constantly get throughout the day when a notification pops up is a drug-like fix that our brains has gotten so much used to.

no Phone Challenge
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I used to be the kind of a person who’d accidentally leave my phone on my way to work, remember while I was opening the gate and still proceed without going back for it. That is the kind of freedom I now long for.

How different would I view the world if I was not constantly on my phone. Would the quality of time spent with my kids and the people around me be better. How long would the withdrawal symptoms last or would this experience be easy as peeling a hard-boiled egg? Will any one even notice my absence? These are some of the questions I am asking myself as I start this challenge.

I’m going to be starting this challenge on Friday (today morning) through to Monday morning. Weekend are normally easy and I am hoping that I will not miss an important call. I will tell you the biggest lessons I get from this little experiment at the end of the challenge. I’ll be updating this post as often as my schedule allows.

Let’s go…

2 Hours into the No Phone Challenge

I have debated with myself on whether to leave my phone off or on. The later won but do not ask me why. The phone is now tucked somewhere far enough to deter me from getting to it, but close enough to test my self control. I am currently doing well.

How crazy would it be if I started having withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability, nausea, sweating, vomiting and others in a few hours?

End of Day One

Today went surprisingly very well. Without the distraction, I was able to accomplish so much. I even stopped to smell the roses, so to speak. I was more aware of the people around me and I made small talk with a fellow driver in traffic this afternoon on my way to pick my firstborn daughter from school.

He boldly called out from across the road and asked whether we could exchange vehicles. He was driving a canter truck. ‘Who goes with the baby I have in the back’, I asked. ‘Whoever ends up with your car’, he said. I smiled.

He reaches for his phone after sometime and asks for my number. ‘I don’t have a phone’, I truthfully state. He shakes his head and says, ‘You have a very good heart, but you are mean.’ ‘It was nice meeting you,’ I tell him as the road clears.

I am loving this experiment and I can already tell that tomorrow will be better. Have a good one.

Morning of Day Two : No Phone Challenge

I had a dream last night. It was my wedding day but I had nothing to do with the planning. It felt like I woke up and there it was; the day I would walk down the isle. My mom takes me to dress and for the first time I see my wedding dress. It is not nothing close to what I would have chosen. The top part is white and laced; the bottom part is ballroom, green and heavy. ‘I can make it work,’ I quietly say to myself.

It then hits me. I have not updated on social media that today is my wedding day. Secondly, I know the planners have already hired a professional photographer, but I need someone to take photos with my phone! ‘But you are in the middle of a no phone challenge,’ a voice in my head tells me. ‘Surely, this has got to be an exception! How can I have a wedding without my phone?’

For some reason I am getting ready in a house away from home where my phone is. I have to rush home and get it before the service starts. I start walking. My shoes are slippery. I’m walking with more difficulty than I anticipated. I’ll never be able to do this in time. I decide to remove my shoes and make a run for it. But what if I accidentally get a splinter on my wedding day? How will I limp down the isle? How?

And that is when my mind suddenly wakes up.


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