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It’s been a minute since I published a personal post. So much has happened lately only this kind of post will cover everything without taking all the space on the internet. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Making: my own hair these days. I finally got rid of my processed hair and have been experimenting a lot with my natural curls. I love how healthy and thick it looks and my hairline has really improved.

Cooking: a lot more than I did last year. I’m now a workfromhomemom and I therefore have time to prepare dinner for my family every day.

Drinking: more juice and wine than I should. I guess that’s what happens when your days are spent between the home office and the kitchen.

Reading: nothing at the moment. Between my work, a kindergartner, an infant and a husband, I barely have time to breathe, leave alone read. 

Looking: forward to a date night this weekend. We do not have a nanny and that means getting some adult time is close to impossible. We however make the best whenever we have my mom around

Playing: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. I could listen to this song all day long. I love the message.


Wishing: that I would lose the weight faster. I had a toe surgery in January and limped around the whole of that month and early Feb. I’m almost healed and I’ve resumed my workout. Time to get my sexy back!

Enjoying: taking care of my six month old daughter by myself. It’s extremely difficult but I know am very lucky to be able to work from the house and look after her. I hit my pillow dead tired each night but i always have a huge smile on my face.

Waiting: for the day she’ll call me mom.

Liking: how obsessed with me my baby is. She’ developed separation anxiety and cries every time I leave the room. The weirdo in me is convinced that it’s a declaration of how much she loves me.

Wondering: Where the time went. Just yesterday I was a single girl with no ambition in life and now I’m attending play dates and school parent’s meetings.

Loving: my hubby more each day. He helps so much around the house, I’d never dream of getting a housegirl.

Considering: going to the gym. I’m currently working out from the house and I feel like going to the gym would make me more disciplined.

Buying: anything that’s edible. 

Watching: Cartoons. What else do you watch when you have a four year old in the house?

Hoping: that a contract I’ve been praying for goes through. * Fingers crossed*

Marvelling: at how fast my second daughter is growing. She now has two teeth, sits well on her own and started propelling herself backwards two days ago.

Needing: some me time. It’s been long since I was alone for more than 1 hour.

Smelling: my baby‘s hair and her sweet breath.

Wearing: low cut necks. You’ve got to reach them boobs when the baby needs a feeding.

Knowing: that family is everything.

Thinking: that I need to enjoy my kids as much as possible when they’re still young. In a blink of an eye they’ll be moody teenagers.

Admiring: my girls’ hair. The older one has a mane to die for.

Disliking: when people tell me that my baby is spoilt because she likes to be held. Who doesn’t, right?

Feeling: generally happy and fulfilled.

Until we see each other again, 

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