Tai’s Grill and Coffee Breakfast

Tai’s Grill and Coffee Breakfast

July came early this year.  It is cold.

Kendall had a school trip today and we had to wake early because they were leaving at 7am. This is the first time that she travelled without me and my helicopter parenting was really tried. The whole week I was anxious because I was not sure how safe she’s be.  The fact that she was not excited for the trip made things even worse.

She recently got her first scating shoes and was considered skipping the trip to start the scating training.  This was until she learnt that her best friend would be going for the trip and she suddenly changed her mind.

I’m just happy that she’ll create memories with herclassmates that she’ll remember for years to come.

Our next stop after dropping her at school was Tai’s Grill and Coffee for breakfast. I ordered their full breakfast which had bacon,  2 eggs,  French fries, toast, baked beans and a glass of juice.  Hubby ordered their club sandwiches. Their food is affordable and the portions are always so huge that we always take some home.

This will be a quiet weekend with lots of Netflix. Do have a good one lovelies.

As always, a diaper at a time

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