Re-creating Precious Memories

Re-creating Precious Memories

I got a Facebook memory reminder the other day about some images I shared 4 years ago and it lead to an interesting exercise.  The images were those of my firstborn daughter and I; she was two and a half years at the time.

When I showed my younger daughter the pictures and asked her who the baby was,  she said she was the one in the images.  We laughed and tried to convince her that it was in fact her sister and she began to cry.  She could not understand why we were lying to her.

This gave me an idea,  I would recreate these precious memories with just her. Thank God I happen to be a hoarder  because I still had most of the items we wore in 2015.

Below are the side by side images of the photos we took 4 years ago with my first baby,  and now with my lastborn.

A lot has changed since but equally a lot has stayed the same,  I feel. The older girl was bowlegged at the time and you can see from the last image and we did correct it in time.  I am wiser,  chunkier and older than I was then,  but I’m still as impatient,  and loving to my kid/s as I  was back them.  If not more.

I am thankful for today. Thankful that the Lord has been gracious to us.

It is easy to take life and good health for granted but there are times when you just have to stop and count your blessings.  And nothing demonstrates your blessings more than remembering  where you were yesterday,  and knowing where you are today.

What are thankful for this morning?

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