Our Potty Training Experience

Our Potty Training Experience

My little girl is 21 months, 4 weeks today. She is 3 months older than my first one was when I first started potty training her. Here is my experience.

Day 1

My strategy was to keep my daughter naked from the waist down. The potty would remain near me at all times and whenever she starts peeing, I would place her on it as quickly as possible. I would then make a big deal of any success with some celebratory song and dance.

Unfortunately, it is currently very cold and I had to use a heater the entire day. I also dressed her in her sisters socks – because they are a bit longer – to keep her feet warm and cozy.

I have to say that as expected, my second daughter aced today’s test. This has been consistent with eacg development from talking to walking. It is much easier when you have soneone to learn from.

While it was extremely hard to explain to the older one thatbshe is suppossed to go in the potty., this one already knew! I did not even have to whisk her away every time I saw her peeing on the floor…

All I did was give her lots of fluids and ask her to sit on the potty every 30 minutes. She successfully used the potty 4 times today and only peed on the floor once. My older one was only able to get about a drop in the potty on her first day.

This exercise is so far much easier and enjoyable than I remember having the first time around. I know that is will take a few weeks or months to finally master completely, but I am ready for it.

Day 2

I might have spoken a little too soon when I  said that potty training the second time round was bliss for me.  Today was not a good day!

It involved a lot of wiping.  We barely got anything in the potty the entire day.  She instead preferred marking every corner of the house as her territory like a little pooddle.

She pooped twice on the floor and peed both on the couch and on the bed.

Unlike yesterday when she was happy and excited to sit on the potty,  she kept resisting today.  I just hope it was the normal fussiness.

We try again tomorrow.

Day 10

July came early this month. It is the beginning of June and it is already freezing cold. Our older daughter – she’s 5 yrs, 4 months – contracted pneumonia. This is all the motivation we needed to put the potty training exercise on hold. We’ll be keeping covered up until it is warm enough again.

I will also keep you posted.


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