MCREATIVE KIDS TALENT WORKSHOP is a kid’s hub that emphasizes on kids talents growth and self discovery in terms of guiding them to discover their interests in arts and music from their early age. Several long-term studies have shown that early gifted educational programs positively affect a student’s secondary and post-secondary plans and achievements, and this is the reason why MCREATIVE KIDS TALENT WORKSHOP exists, so as to nurture the kids Talents at an early age

Relevance of the program

It is important to establish giftedness at an early school age because it sets the tone for the child’s education and theexpectations of teachers who will guide that education. If teachers underestimate the potential of gifted children, even at this young age, in all likelihood the children will underperform. The effect is called the “Negative Pygmalion Effect.” There needs to be early identification of giftedness in order to give these children a timely start on developing those gifts.

Gifted children need guidance, support and intervention. If giftedness is not recognized at an early age, intervention will not happen.  Gifted children may be misunderstood, and actions like daydreaming, procrastinating, lacking in focus, or physically acting out may be seen as disruptive.

The gifted child, who has a concentrated interest in some field and showing persistence far beyond peers, may be thought of as not having the ability to learn new things.

The gifted child who likes to spend time alone may be thought of as anti-social. A gifted learner who seeks justice may be considered as someone who is defying authority.

And to clear this gap, MCREATIVE KIDS TALENT WORKSHOP has come in to identify the giftedness of the children and make sure there is alignment with their needs and school intervention programs.

We have posted some videos below for a glimpse of the programs;

Kids Fun Day Program and Activities

This program is designed to bring kids together in groups of at least 5 and above. Once they are together, they then get a chance to do collective Talent oriented activities which range from music, arts, dance games and so forth. Give it a try, it leaves the kids with good memories and builds personalities in them. Call us for more information.

Kids Talent Training and Nurturing Program

This program is designed to bring out the kids Talents and we begin nurturing kids from the age of 3 years old and above, thou we have exposure programs for the kids below 2 years old

Kids Talent and fun Club

Your kids need to entertain each other, is int it? Yes, they do. This program therefore, makes it very easy for them to meet and showcase their talents with our guidance and help on where they need correction. Kids want this opportunities, why not give them! Feel free to ask us more on how to go about this

Kids Dancing and singing and rapping Program

This program is basically for developing the kid’s stage confidence and performance. Your kids can begin singing or rapping or dancing at an early age, this helps them to expand their networks and build more friends within their age range, and most of all keep them engaged in an activity.

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