Locked Out

Locked Out

My 5 year old sleeps like a rug. You will find her spread across the bed in the morning with her bedding thrown all over the place.

Her father always re-tucks her in before he retires to bed every single night and yesterday when he went to check in her, he was horrified to fine her bedroom door locked!

He called me and I completely panicked. I ran to her bedroom door, knocked  on it while calling out her name, knelt on the the ground to shout through the crack at the bottom of the door and practically went insane in vain. but

We tried climbing on a chair and calling her through the opening at the top of the door and finally managed to get her to open the door. The first thing I did was kiss her just before I took her spare key and put it in my room in case she does that in the future.

I could not imagine going to bed without knowing for sure that I could reach her in case something happened at night.

She is at a stage in her life where she’s feeling a little independent and wants some personal tine from her baby sister but she’s still too young to understand the repercussions of her actions. We got her two new puzzles yesterday and she was afraid that her sister would lose some of the pieces if she got her hands on them.

I am so glad that she did this when she did because I would never have thought of keeping a pair of the keys safely away.

This is one of the baby proofing steps that I skipped and ought to have considered a long time ago. It just goes to show that no matter how long you have been doing this parenting thing, you never really perfect it. There are always cracks and tears that need mending.

Here’s to mending the cracks before it’s too late.



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