Lavington Montessori Kindergarten, Nairobi

Located along Apple Cross Road, Off Mbabane Road, Off James Gichuru Road, Lavington Montessori Kindergarten is a school that focuses more on independence and a child’s interest that the formal teaching practices. If you would like to cultivate your child’s independence, freedom but within limits, natural psychological, social and physical development, then the Montessori system is the way to go. The Method aims to improve attention span, concentration,and  body control.

L for Lavington Montessori Kindergarten

Lavington Montessori Kindergarten Program

The school uses the Montessori Method of Early Childhood Education based on Italian educator Maria Montessori. Letting the kids explore their likes and interests makes learning fun and easy. It includes language and vocabulary development, mathematics, science,reading, geography, writing, Bible, physical education, music, art, music, self grooming, personal developmental skills and manners, and care of the environment.

Lavington Montessori Kindergarten Environment

The school’s classrooms are clean, attractive. Each subject has a desperate facility and learning materials for the development of the children. The classes are manageable with just 10-12 children each. Each class has a teacher and an assistant at all times to ensure that all the kids get as much attention as possible.

Lavington Montessori Kindergarten Contacts

Physical Location: Apple Cross Road, Off Mbabane Road, Off James Gichuru Road, Lavington

Phone Numbers: 020-4348532, 2089894, Mobile: 0721-601390
Postal Address: P.O. BOX 811, 00606 Nairobi, Kenya

Facebook Page:
Email Address:

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