Korean Restaurant Review

Korean Restaurant Review

Today was one of those hard-to-come-by days when I get to leave the house without the kids. I had gone to visit a sick friend at Nairobi Hospital and when I was done I felt like I needed a few minutes by myself. I searched for nearby restaurants and that is how I ended up at the Korean Restaurant. The food was a lot and delicious, the service was good, and the prices were fair.


The restaurant is located at Hurlingham along Argwings Kodhek Road, opposite Scripture Union Centre. Google maps lost me a little. If you are coming from town, take the drive behind Java House.


I ordered for fried pork. It came with rice, 10 other side dishes and a fruit for desert. I was warned before hand that the pork would be spicy. If you love pepper as much as I do, you will enjoy. The rice was not salted well enough for my taste. I could not recognize half the things I ate in the other side dishes. As expected, I loved some of them while the other ones could get a little getting used to.

I was very hungry going to the restaurant but once the food arrived, I felt a little overwhelmed. It was a lot. 40 minutes later, not a drop of broth remained on any of the plates.

All in all, I really enjoyed the meal.


The day was very hot and the coolness of the place was a very pleasant escape thanks to the foliage and the many trees in the compound. They do not have a playing area to keep the little ones entertained. The grass outside is however inviting.

Korean Restaurant Korean Restaurant Korean Restaurant Korean Restaurant Korean Restaurant


The staff were very friendly.


For the food and a box of Pick & Peel juice, I spent Ksh. 2,300

I’ll be going back with the kids and you should definitely try this place. Make sure you go hungry.

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