Kid’s Activities at The Waterfront Karen

Kid’s Activities at The Waterfront Karen

We took the kids to the waterfront – Karen last Sunday. Sadly, they only played for about 2 hours before it started raining heavily.

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Here are my thoughts on the place …


Waterfront is located approximately 3 km from Karen shopping centre along Karen Road

Kids Activities:

Among the fun activities the kids tried were bouncing castles and slides, boat riding, car rides, trains.



There are a number of kid’s friendly eateries. We ate at the Panarottis. Kendall loved their Hawaiian pizza a little too much. You can hold your kid’s birthday at Panarottis for free. You only pay for the food and you can bring your own cake.


You have to pay for individual kid’s activities. Bouncing castle was 300 a child, boat riding 250, 200 for the train ride, 400 for the car ride etc. I found this a little expensive since at their age, my kids get distracted rather quickly. They therefore want to jump back and forth from one activity to the other. It was only after at the end of the day that we got to learn that you can pay 1,500 a child for all the activities. Compared to other places I frequent, this is still on the higher side.

Other Amenities:

For some reason, my card refuses to swipe. Since I had no intentions of Chonga-ing viazi, I wanted to deal with cash but there’s not a single ATM in site. 🙁 🙁


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