Jolydar Hill School

Jolydar Hill School

Located at Zambezi, Kikuyu just opposite Muguga Polytechnic, Jolydar Hill School is a state of art, offering in their own words, a ‘Kenyan curriculum built to international standards’.

The kindergarten uses the Montessori system of learning while the primary section offers new Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum.


The facility is perched on a hill just 200 meters from Zambezi Shopping Center. The road leading up to the gate is tarmacked, albeit recently. The school’s environment is warm, serene, friendly and designed with a child in mind.

The moment you walk in the gate,  your eyes are drawn to the colorful play area with slides, swings, trikes, artificial carpet grass and an exciting sand pit for immense fun. There’s also a fountain and a couple of fish.

The swimming pool is not yet operational but word is they’re currently working to get it heated since the area can get a little chilly.

The classes are ultra modern, carpeted,  clean, colorful and warm. The toilets and sinks are also conveniently child-sized.

All the students enjoy free swimming lessons and cookery classes from professionals. Animal keeping and gardening skills are also taught free of charge.  For an additional fee,  your child can take ballet and/or music.

The school offers transport services. For half price, you can even pay one-way.

Intake for kindergarten, and grade one to three are currently ongoing. There are also great offers that you can take advantage of to save a few coins. For every new student you recommend, you get a 10% discount. Siblings also get a 10% off.

And in the unlikely chance that you love the school and your child doesn’t,  the school has arranged for a five day entirely free trial period.  You drop off your child anytime between 8 and 3pm every weekday when school is in session for five days and let your kid test the school out.

Since the school is new, it is hard to know how well they will be performing academically but if what they’ve done already is an indication of what’s to come, only good things can be expected from this little gem. It is definitely among the best schools in Kikuyu.

Jolydar Hill School contacts are 0743 985480 on phone or email You can also visit their facebook page for more details.

Do visit to get a feel.


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