How to Potty Train in Days

How to Potty Train in Days

This article on How to Potty Train in Days is a #repost. I initially wrote this article when my firstborn daughter was starting to potty train. She is now 6 years old. I used this very method to potty train my second born and this time it was much easier. If you are just starting, try and let us know in the comments how your experience is gonna be like.

This article will give you information that will ensure a smooth and stress free potty training in just days.

What you’ll need:

  1. A comfortable potty. If you can get an interactive one, even better.
  2. A few pairs of warm socks.
  3. A small towel for cleanups. You’ll be doing a lot of cleaning
  4. Lots of patience

In Just Three Days?

My daughter is now 2 weeks short of 18 months. The perfect time to start potty training her. I am subscribed to baby center and regularly receive newsletters from them. I received one on potty training a while back and I now think it’s time to go back are really go though it. Here is a link to the article.It is time for me to put the method outlined to the test and see whether it actually works. My only concern is that it requires the toddler to stay bare bottomed for about three months from the time the training starts. I am not so sure about that since it gets really cold here around July. If this does not work out I’ll have to postpone it to a warmer month. But for now, here goes…Update: The July cold lasted for three days. I was able to keep her warm using warm knee length socks. It is now warm and the training can continue.

Potty Training Days

Last Minute Preparations

She walks comfortably and is able to effectively communicate. She might not be talking any language on this world, but she is able to put across whatever she wants in her own cute and very unique way. These are some of the crucial signs to look out for when deciding whether it is time to potty train or not.The method mentioned above recommends setting aside at least 3 days to ensure that you are there for your baby at all times. You can see the stepd in the lens below. This in my case is already sorted for I am currently working from home. It is also necessary to start showing the kid what goes on in the bathroom before hand. This I have no problem since my little girl follows me there whether I invite her or not. I also have what I’ll be needing for tomorrow. I went to the store today and got her a potty chair and some crackers. It’s a good thing she loves them because she will be taking a lot of them tomorrow. The salt is to make her thirsty. Drinking lots of water is good for this experiment. The more she urinates, the more practice she gets. Practice makes perfect, right?

Day One

Not at All a fan

I woke up very excited to try out something new today. Sadly, my daughter was not as thrilled. I can understand a little; she has never been bare from the waist down. She’s always in stockings. Today must have been a terrible cold new experience for her.She completely refused to sit on the cold plastic. Even after I’d warmed it with a warm towel. You can therefore guess that we had more misses than hits. But am not discouraged. I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully, today was just an introduction to show her what is to come. I hope I have better luck then I’ll keep you updated.

How to Potty Train in Days

Day Two

One Hit

Day two turned out to be a little better. She managed to pee in the potty once. It also made me realize something I had not realized before. She can really control herself and she knows how. This is how I know. During the day naps she does not wet herself even though she is still bare-bottomed. And two, her nanny carries her on her back when they go outside or she’s fussy. She tells me that my little princess does not pee on her back.If only we can now work on memory. She seems to keep forgetting that we are now using the potty. I have my fingers crossed.

Day Three

Some Progress

I have seen some progress but not in the manner I expected. She still does not care for the potty that much. Whenever I whisk her to it when she is peeing or going for number 2, she stops midway. Call me optimistic, but I choose to look at this as positively as i look at it on a negative light. Yes it means that we have made little progress, but guess what? It has also showed me that she has good bowels control. She can go and stop as she likes now. How is that not a good thing? We’re still very far from the goal post, but so far, so good.

Week One

I am One Impressed Mummy

I have to say that I am very impressed right now. The first few days I almost gave up but I am very happy I stuck with it. I can now proudly say that she is potty trained. No, she does not remind herself to go in the potty, but when you offer her after every hour or so she does last a whole day without accidents. I’ve also realized that she can stay for up to 2 hours without wetting herself. As a matter of fact, she does not pee during her day nap.I know it will take time before I can comfortably say that she is off diapers, but we’re heading towards the right direction and this is all very good. I expect a few accidents every now and then, but that is also okay and even expected.

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