How to Do Stomach Vacuum; Easiest Way to Tone Your Tummy

How to Do Stomach Vacuum; Easiest Way to Tone Your Tummy

Whether you’ve added a few pounds, just lost some weight and want to tighten your stomach muscles, or like me you just delivered and want to have your flat-before-baby-tummy back, stomach vacuum exercises will get the job done.

The thing that makes it work is that it targets the core muscles that are not exercised when one is doing other tummy flattening exercises like crunches, press-ups and sit-ups.

Ever since I learned this little trick, I have been using it and it works really well. You can do it wherever, whenever and however. That is what I like best about it. And it is easy too. Here is how…

What You’ll Need


  • All you need is yourself
  • Patience(Because you will not see results immediately)

Here’s how to do the Stomach Vacuum

  1. Stand on your feet and relax your body
  2. Put your left palm on your tummy
  3. Take a very deep breath
  4. Exhale and tighten your stomach muscles while you do it. Pull your navel as far away from your navel as possible. The closer it gets to your spine, the better
  5. Hold that position for as long as you can while breathing regularly
  6. Repeat from one, holding a little bit longer with each stomach vacuum
  7. When you have learned to do it comfortably, you can do it while standing, lying on the bed, on all fours, while driving or even when seated on your desk. Do fifteen sets of these three or more times a day. Your stomach will begin to tighten and get well toned in a few weeks.

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