It all began on a beautiful morning. I had some pending order that I needed to take care off over the internet. I was in school and therefore had woken up very early and headed to the computer centre. As usual, I was not early enough and all the seats had been occupied. So I just decided to stand and wait for my turn.

And that is when he came in accompanied by two other guys. I dint notice him at first but his friend did something that caught my eye. There was an unoccupied space for the computer was not connected to the internet. However, the one that was opposite it was. The friend bent under the table and unplugged the cable from the connected computer transferring it to the one they intended to use. Not knowing what had happened, the girl sitting on the opposite side seemed surprised when her computer went offline. They then crowded around for a closer look at some pictures they were viewing.

I noticed all this silently and went on standing. And he kept glancing in my direction. He’d look at me and then look away when our eyes met. This went on for sometime but I finally forgot about them and my mind wandered.

The next thing I knew, the guy was standing next to me. I don’t remember whether he said hi but he asked whether I had a flash disk. I had one; full of viruses. He promised that it would just take a minute and I gave it to him. I could bet then that he dint really need it but before I had time to think about it, I got a place to sit and settled after showing him where he’d drop the flash disk when he was done.

Minutes later, he sat next to me. I was facebooking (this is now a verb) and he asked for my name. I told him that it would be easier if he gave me his and I sent him a request instead. He did give me the name which I started typing but then forgot all about it. When he reminded me, I could not even recall the name so I told him to spell it out and we searched for it together. And that is how we became facebook friends.

I was very busy and when I looked up, I saw from the corners of my eyes that he was looking at my profile pictures. Ignoring it, I started chatting with him but they had to leave for lunch. He asked for my number (just so he could return the flash disk later) and I guess I told him my room number. Having several people in my phonebook with the same name, I saved him as ‘friend’ hoping to remember who it was.

Later in my room, he called and it took me a few minutes to realize who I was talking to. He would pass by my room and I said it was ok. When he came, something was wrong, he either had not carried the flash disk or he had, but still needed something from it. I can’t really recall. He asked why I had trusted him with it and I guess I gave him an answer though I knew very well that he would bring it back for that’s not all he wanted. Or so I thought. We talked a little and he was gone.

What I remember next is getting into a nasty confrontation with my friend’s boyfriend. I decided to sleep after sobbing a little. I changed and found it hard to sleep. I had to call someone; talk to someone. Having no units in my phone, I decided to rush to the shop to buy and therefore threw a leso over my nightdress and went out. I met him on the stairs. Maybe he was coming to my room, maybe he wasn’t. He took me to the shop and then back to the hostel but it was almost ten so we stood awkwardly at the door. And that is when I saw the guy who had made me angry!

I don’t know what it was about this strange friend of mine, but I found myself opening up and telling him why I was angry and exactly how I felt. I think I sort of scared him. But he sat there and listened as I bi£$hed and cursed, nodding understandingly. I did not realize how fast the time flew. I just talked as the understanding eyes looked at me and the corners of his beautiful lips seemed to be suppressing a smile.

The cold of the night brought me back to reality as I was only in a night dress plus the leso and I told him that I had to go sleep. Convinced that I had scared him off, I climbed the stairs knowing that it was the last time I was hearing from him……………………….

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