Giraffe Ark Game Lodge

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge

My kids fell off the horse at at the Giraffe Ark Game Lodge two days ago. But that was at the very end, let’s go back to the beginning.

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge

We went with a few friends to Kieni, Nyeri with a group called the Ameliorators last weekend. The destination was a serene place by the name Giraffe Ark Game Lodge. Located about 40 kilometers from Nyeri town along the Nyahururu-Nyeri highway, the hotel is a cool oasis practically in the middle of nowhere. To its North against the white sky is the majestic snow-capped Mt. Kenya and on the other side stands the blue Aberdare ranges.

I thought it would be a fun Sunday for the kids and I and was excited to join in. With the rainy season in the near horizon, I cannot pass an opportunity to have the kids swim these last sunny days. Other activities that the group advertised were team building, horse riding, biking, giant outdoor chess, volleyball, football and indoor games.

We arrived a few minutes after one and only had the time to do as much as the time could allow which was little for the adults. The kids had a blast though. They had lots of fun on the slides, swings and the swimming pool.


Mbuzi, Chicken, Mukimo, Chips, Sausage and a salad were served. I did not eat the chips but I really liked mukimo and the fried mbuzi.

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge


We only had time for team-building, swimming and horse riding. My girls went rode the horse together and just when they were about to come to the end of the ride, the horse was spooked by a yellow tent that flapped in the wind and they fell off. The younger one got a few scratches on her waist while her sister ended up with a sore hip and bruised and bleeding elbow.

I was not there when it happened and just as I was coming out of the bathroom, I was met by my sister with my crying babies. The worst bit was that when they brought me the first aid kit, it only had cotton wool.

I had to keep telling myself that accidents happen to avoid getting extremely upset. That was definitely the low in this whole trip.

There was a baby pool which is ideal for toddlers and very small children. It’s deepest end is still shallow for a 3 year old.

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge Contacts

You can reach the lodge through the following contacts


Mobile : +254 702 278 722 , +254 743 800 800

The Ameliorators

The organizers of the trip were not very organized. The charges covered transport, meals, swimming, photography and games with kids being charged half the price. We expected a comfortable tour bus but they hurriedly went for a PSV Minibus at the last minute. The seats were not enough for the 4 kids onboard and 3 had to be held. The driver drove just like a matatu driver often flying over bumps. This made the journey to Nyeri long and uncomfortable.

The timing was also an issue. We spent so much time waiting for people at pickups that we arrived very late. Had we arrived earlier, we’d have gotten a lot more from the day.

Of the five friends I went with, four of them were mothers. We are however the only ones with the kids which meant that the trip was not kid-friendly at all. Most of the other people were a lot younger and a huge percentage were students.

This means that there was heavy drinking by some and one lady even blacked-out on the bus floor. They were also not conscious of the time and the fact that it was Sunday. I got back in the house at 11:30 and my child had school the following day. She missed.

I will not be using the organizers again.


I will be going back again. The place is beautiful and has beautiful rooms ranging between Ksh. 9,500-33,000 a night. I would only go back using private means and as a family.


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