I woke up early today, and by early I mean eight minutes past six. I love Nakuru; the only place I can leave the house 20 minutes after seven and still get to the office before eight!

Two stops later, two guys get into the matatu.(ooh yah, I now have to commute to work, my boss having abandoned me here back to the big city, and to my shock, the vehicle had to go too! Why does this happen to me?!?) I am now over it and back to where I belong. Matatus are more entertaining anyway.

You remember the three guys I mentioned earlier? No, you don’t, because they were only two. One sits next to the driver and the other one right behind me. I especially note the later for he keeps talking over the phone so loudly you’d think he’s in a factory. Then comes the time to pay up and he hesitates a bit.

“Si ulete pesa zako mzee”

“Kwani huyo hajakupatia?” he angrily asks.

When told that the other guy only paid his, my loud friend clicks his mouth!!

“That’s interesting,” I think, hoping that the pest would pay up quickly so the conductor can stop extending his arm over me!

Two of the only three people I talk to in the office are not in today. This is good as I don’t have to pretend to be doing something constructive. I even warned them in advance not to make it known to the tea girls that they won’t be here today, so I can have their snacks, having created room for the same in my bag yesterday.

There’s this other man who came to say hi the other day and goes on to tell me that I really have to eat to add some more weight. Dismissing my assurance that I like my weight just fine, he goes ahead to suggest that what I really need is not food but a man. And guess the man he recommends… himself!!! I tell him that I got that department covered but thank him anyway for the generous offer. I hope he does not come in here today.

The electricity goes off and my novel comes in handy. I might be catching a cold from the resulting cold. Grrrrrrrrr…..

The only entertainment I seem to be getting today is from the names of some of these sub locations. Who names a place Mercy Njeri?

The kids from these places must be geniuses to remember names such as Enamatashoreki, Enoiborajijik, Naituyuprik, Kalemunyanyag, Nakamekwi, Loteteitit, and Namukirionon…….

Nyamamithi is kikuyu by the way, meaning many petticoats.

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One thought on “Enamatashoreki

  1. Don't you just hate it when the kangee takes his sweet time collecting cash in the mathree while he not so courteously extends his armpit almost over your head:-|
    ION, interesting names those places have. I hope you are not making them up :p

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