I am going to disappoint someone today; someone who thinks that I am going to publish a post. I don’t feel like it. For one, I am tired, very tired!! Let me blame myself and say that it was stupid of me to sleep on two mattresses, though I know very well that someone else is responsible for my being tired.

I have not been to the office for the last week, probably the best week of my life! Not totally perfect though, for I have realized that I have a tendency of screwing things up.

We went to Narok on Tuesday. The day started rather badly; my charger failing to work and forcing me to stand by the roadside waiting for a vehicle I could not describe. I only knew that it was white and did not have the front number plates (the lady driver’s words, not mine). As it turned out, the vehicle was not even white! Having packed our things the previous evening, I can’t tell where I got the idea that it was white. So when a grey vehicle finally stopped, it came as a shock that it was actually the one!

We got to Narok a little after eight, took breakfast and started working. We took goat ribs and Ugali for lunch at some place whose name I cannot remember and called it a day at around five. And that is when my problems began….

Having booked a room, I again tried to charge my phone in vain. After considering buying another charger and reasoning that I was too tired to start looking for an electronic shop, I decided to charge it directly! I mean, I am very used to doing this, thanks to college. Among the things that I learnt from Kenyatta University is that one does not need a plug for the gadgets to work! What I was not taught is that the phone charger steps down the current!

You can therefore imagine what happened the moment I plugged in my improvised charger. It practically blew in my hands! Scared to death, I got into bed, covered myself and shivered to sleep.

The following day, I actually bought a charger but realized that the phone was no better than the charger itself!

We completed the work on Wednesday and headed for Naivasha. The rest is a story for another day.

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