Brain Gain Neurofeedback Training for Peak Performance

Concentration is the master skill that affects everything that we do.  

The ability to concentrate is a secret element to success that often gets ignored. According to Daniel Goleman it is more important than IQ for determining school and career success.

Within the context of school and university learners are required to concentrate and apply themselves in order to achieve results. Learners who are distracted and who are unable to bring their brains into focus usually struggle to reach their full potential.

Neurofeedback training enables the brain to actually grow additional cells and modify the functioning of existing cells

You can give your child an added advantage through neurofeedback training.

The Brain

The circuitry to concentrate is found in the area of the brain that governs executive functioning – the pre-frontal cortex. The attentional circuitry needs to have the experience of sustained episodes of concentration in order to build the mental models that create someone who can concentrate and perform optimally. In other words, we need to train the brain to increase concentration levels required to improve cognitive ability and keep it at enhanced levels for longer.

Neurofeedback training

Neurofeedback training uses cutting edge technology and it is non-invasive, drug free, safe and globally supported by extensive peer-reviewed literature. Research has proven that by increasing brain blood flow, significant clinical benefits are realised for many types of learning, cognitive, behaviour and neurological disorders. Because neurofeedback training positively impacts the frontal lobe, it can also provide for peak performance in sport and the corporate environment.

Neurofeedback training enables the brain to actually grow additional cells and modify the functioning of existing cells. It does this through biofeedback training sessions. Just as a heart rate monitor assists you to train for fitness, so neurofeedback assists you to train your brain.  Through neurofeedback training, the brain creates additional neuropathways that assist with concentration, higher order thinking, decision making and behaviour regulation. In summary, by increasing blood flow to the frontal lobe, the brain is able to positively alter its structure.

Who benefits from neurofeedback training?

Every single person can benefit from neurofeedback training. In an age of distraction where our emotions are often scattered and our minds race from one thing to another we need to learn and practice concentration skills and strategies. We need to train our brains to be present and to distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant. Neurofeedback training is for anyone who wants:

  • Better concentration skills
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Mindfulness

How do we operate?

The learners are assessed on the TESCA (Test of Emotional Stability and Cognitive Ability).  The assessment will provide insight into your child’s concentration skills. It will measure:

  • Attention
  • Impulsivity
  • Accuracy
  • Response time
  • Variability

These variables are used worldwide in scientific studies to measure cognitive performance.

Where fallouts in concentration are noted a training protocol will be prescribed and where learners may benefit from peak performance training, such a training protocol will also be suggested.

Should you wish to assist your child in harnessing their full potential, you should become involved in the exciting world of Neurofeedback training.

Simply book an appointment with Anthony Nzuki for a more interactive presentation on Neurofeebacak training. Below are his contacts:

Anthony K. Nzuki, Tel +254721212584

Braingain East Africa (Kenya).


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