Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Jumia Baby Shower Week

Planning a baby shower for a friend? Then you certainly need some amazing baby shower gift ideas! Jumia Kenya is your best online mall to discover a selection of great personalized and unique baby shower gifts. We also consider your budget so that you do not have to break the bank while shopping. They are holding a Baby shower Week starting on 9th on July and you get a chance to shop big for the tots in your life.

Getting the right baby shower gift for your friend or sister who is about to put to bed could be tough. For one, you want to ensure that you get a gift that would be thoughtful and needed and getting that kind of gift might not come by so easily. Hence, we have a compiled a valuable list of the best baby shower gifts so that when you need to shop, you do not run out of ideas. You can also see the biggest baby shower week deals in this post.

1. Diapers : Diapers are a must-have for both babies and mothers. For babies, because they need the best care for their bodies and for mothers because they reduce the stress that she would normally go through trying to clean the baby up. One thing you can be sure is that the mom-to-be certainly has diapers on her baby list. Therefore, getting her some is something that she would be grateful for for a very long time as it does mean that she wouldn’t have to bother about buying them for her newborn so soon. Diaper bags are also a good idea; they are not very popular they would certainly always come in handy. Brands like Pampers, Bummies, Sweetcare, Huggies have produced authentic and reliable diapers for babies for so many years and you can shop them on our platform.

2. Clothing : The thing about babies’ clothing is that they can never be unneeded. We all need clothes and no matter how many we have, there will always be a need to buy more. Same as babies. If you have no idea what to get as a baby shower gift, a piece of clothing would be duly appreciated and would also be useful. However, you should find out if they’re going to be having a girl or a boy. Sometimes, the parents-to-be would make it known before inviting you for the baby shower.

3. Playtime Accessories : While deciding baby shower gifts to buy, you should put both the mother and the baby into consideration. Playtime accessories will always be a good idea. They are also a unique idea too as a lot of people do not think about them when shopping for babies. Toys are essential to making the baby grow well mentally and, many times, are a healthy distraction that allow for the mother to focus on other things for a while.

4. Baby Skin Care Products : Babies’ skins are usually extra-sensitive. Therefore, you should take the time to find only baby skin care products that would produce desired results without giving the baby allergies. On Jumia Kenya, we have a large selection of baby body care products that are skin-friendly for the baby. From baby creams to baby oils to baby soaps to baby powders and more, we have you covered here.

5. Baby Feeding : What is life without food? An amazing baby gift idea would be to get some baby feeding products for the baby. Baby feeding products are not restricted to baby food but also extend to accessories like baby bumps for mothers, breast milk bags and feeding bottles.

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