30 Day Blogging Challenge

I came across this 30-Day Blogging Challenge by Live, Love, Simple from back in 2013 and I thought that it would be a great challenge for me and this is why.

Ever since I packed everything I owned and moved from Cesky Cess Blog, I have found it increasingly difficult to really open up and share what is going on in my life.This challenge will push me out of my comfort zone and probably nudge me into the open and spirited blogger that I once was.

It says 30 days. I am however warning you, I have two kids below 6 years which means that my days are unpredictable. Some days everything goes according to plan and I get to write a few sentences; and some days, my kids happen.

No need to panic though. I promise to cover all the topics in this challenge and at the end of the day, we shall have connected so much better.

I would love to know which post you just can’t wait to read. Just leave a few words in the comments section below.

As usual much love and kisses.


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