20 Tips to Help You Appear More Confident Than You Really Are

20 Tips to Help You Appear More Confident Than You Really Are

Confident men seem to have it all; they get their dream jobs, date beautiful women, drive nice cars and get what they want most of the times. Few men feel that perfect though. This is as a result of how we have been brought up believing that an ideal man needs to have certain properties, mostly physical, that most are not born with. This brings about the issue of low self-esteem which can affect one’s self-image or how one perceives himself. The best way to boost one’s confidence is to improve their self-image. This ensures that they start seeing themselves in a different light. Here are ways on how to be confident:

  1. Sharpen your social skills

Most people feel insecure and threatened when in new and unfamiliar situations. Socializing with everyone you meet especially strangers will help you get accustomed to being in unfamiliar grounds leading to a boost in confidence.

  1. Maintain a good posture

Slumping and avoiding eye contact are the most betraying telltale signs for lack of confidence. Confident men sit and walk straight. To make a positive impression on others, there is need to stand straight, hold head and shoulders high and maintain eye contact. This instantly boosts how a man feels about himself.

  1. Focus on things that you’re good at

We are all good at something. Find out what you excel the best in and focus on it. It could be dancing, writing or even playing the guitar. Engaging in activities we are comfortable with and really good at will make us confident in any other activities that we engage in.

  1. Be well informed

It is good to keep up with the current news. Find out what is happening around you whether in politics, the entertainment industry or even sports. It is also important to try and learn something little about everything to avoid being in the dark when meeting up with friends. That way, you will have something to say.

  1. Choose your friends carefully

There are good and bad friends. While some of your friends will build you, others will drain and destroy you with constant negative criticism. Learn to tell the difference between the two. While positive criticism is good, being told that you’re doing everything wrong every other day and affect your self-confidence negatively. Surround yourself with friends who have your best interests at heart as they play a major role on how you perceive yourself.

  1. Dress well

Pay close attention to personal, physical appearance. It is amazing how improvements to your way of dressing will affect the way you relate to people in a positive way. Dressing better makes you feel better about yourself and this in turn affects the way you carry yourself in public.

  1. Speak up

Do not be afraid to speak up during group discussing. You would be surprised to know that half the people are as afraid as you are. Taking the bold step of speaking up no matter how scared you are will instantly boost your confidence to even make bigger presentations in future.

  1. Stop comparing yourself with other people

We are all created differently. While you may not be as good at something as the next person, you could be way much better than them in something else.

  1. Set realistic goals

Do not be over ambitious with your dreams and goals. This is because the failure to achieve them may leave you feeling inadequate and frustrated. Realistic goals however make you feel good every time you are able to accomplish what you set out to do.

  1. Break goals into shorter milestones

If you have long term goals, it would look like it is taking forever to accomplish them. The remedy is to break the goals into short term milestones. Your confidence will grow as you achieve each milestone.

  1. Accept and capitalize on your uniqueness

Do not look at your uniqueness as your weakness; it is a strength that sets you apart from the rest. Capitalize on that and you will realize just how special you are.

  1. Compliment other people

To build self-confident, you need to be well liked. Make a point of complimenting people as often as you can while avoiding backstabbing gossip.

  1. Be on the forefront

Make sure you overcome the fear of being noticed by being on the forefront. This will expose you to people who matter while building your confidence.

  1. Be grateful

Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, count your blessings and see just how motivated you will feel. Remind yourself of the past successes whenever you need an instant boost to your confidence.

  1. Focus on contribution

Do not get too self-absorbed. Focus on how you are contributing to the improvement of the lives around you. Visit the sick, feed the hungry, and cloth the naked. It brings a deep satisfaction that can do wonders to your confidence.

  1. Walk faster

Walking faster makes one feel important. Nothing shows lack of confidence better than a slow, sluggish walk. Increase your pace to look confident

  1. Pamper yourself

If you want to be treated like a king, treat yourself like so and you’ll start feeling it. Do something special for yourself. You can take yourself out on a date, buy yourself a nice shirt or cologne, or simply have a quiet time to yourself.

  1. Learn a new skill

In your free time, sign up for a class and learn a new skill. Something you’re always wanted to do, or something fun you just discovered. This will prove to your inner self that you can do anything you set out to do.

  1. Be well rounded

Make sure you engage in different interests in all aspects of your life. This ensures that all your personal qualities get to be exercised.

  1. Work out

Maintaining fitness is one of the best ways of boosting your confidence. Take part in any physical activity that you like.Click here to see the best exercises for a man.

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