101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya

101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya

I get dozens of questions each day and one of the most common one I get asked is how to earn a few extra coins online. With the high cost of living, inflation and the job crisis in Kenya, it is no wonder why many youths and stay-at-home moms are exploring ways to earn money online. That is why we came up with this list of 101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya.

In this day and age, you do not have to spend years and years tarmacking or staying in a job you do not like. The internet, thank heavens, opens up endless opportunities where you can be in your house or a cyber cafe somewhere making a living doing something that actually makes you fulfilled.

In this post, we shall look at all the ways you can make money online in Kenya whether you just left college recently and are looking for a way to make ends meet, you are a stay-at-home mother looking to earn a few shillings for your needs or you are employed and are looking for a way to supplement your income and possible leave your job eventually.

Some of this avenues, you will realize, enable you to get money instantly while others earn you what we call residue income. What that means is that you might not get instant financial gratification with these but once the money starts flowing in, you earn for a lifetime. When thinking about residue income, think publishing a book, for instance.

This post will be updated on a regular basis with new income streams. Make sure to bookmark so that you can come back later for more. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Here are the 101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya

101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya

Earn Money in Kenya with Affiliate Marketing

There’s a reason I have put this as the first option. Buying and selling things online has become more acceptable in Kenya in the last few years. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and this opens up a very lucrative side hustle. If you have a following online, and who doesn’t in this day and age, you can market everyday products and earn a commission without having to be as evangelistic as multi-level marketers.

Some of the companies offering affiliate marketers in Kenya are Jumia and Kilimall. What happens is that once you join the affiliate program, you promote any product you can think of from this online retailing giants and when someone makes a purchase, you get your cut.

101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya
Courtesy: Jumia.co.ke

Though you will be the best results if you already own a blog, you can promote anywhere whether on your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook , Instagram or Youtube. You can also do it offline through word of mouth.

This is a great source of residue. You can learn more on how to make money through affiliate marketing in this post.

Earn Money Blogging

If you have an opinion and you love to write, blogging might be for you. Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source of online information. And while it is expected that the number of blogs will be 31.7 millions by 2010. It is however important to note that only about 17% of bloggers earn enough money from their blogs to support their lifestyles. More that 81% of all the blogs in the world never make their first $100.

Also important to note is that most bloggers write to keep an online diary as a hobby. If you run and treat your blog like a real business, you will make a living in Kenya blogging for sure. 14% of bloggers who make a salary earn, on average, 200,000 a month. That’s not too shabby!

Bloggers make money doing a few things listed in this list among them displaying ads with programs such as Google Adsense, posting sponsored content, selling their own digital products, affiliate marketing, to mention but a few.

Blogging is one of the best Online jobs in Kenya and involves making money through your talent either by starting your blog or contributing as a guest writer to other interesting Kenyan blogs. You can start from free Google blogger or buy a domain, host it and start writing your articles. Once your blog reaches a certain number of visitors per day, you can the apply for google ad sense. They do give you a code to place on your blog to display their ads and pay you if a visitor clicks on your ads. If you are a good article writer, then this is the way to go.

To learn more about starting and earning money from a blog in Kenya, visit the linked post.

Earn Money in Kenya Publishing Books on Amazon

Did you know that you can self publish a book online in less than 2 days and earn royalties for a life-time? Well, now you know. If you have a burning desire to publish a book, you have been sitting on a manuscript for a long time or you are just good at something and would like to share your knowledge with someone, then this is for you.

Amazon’s kindle platform allows you to publish and sell your ebooks on the Amazon website-easily one of the biggest names in online retail.

This post will give you the step by step guide on how to self publish your very first ebook on Kindle.

Earn Money Selling Products on Social Media

Gone days when you just went on Facebook to see what your ex has been up-to. With the introduction of Facebook business pages alongside the personal profiles, you can now run an empire from the comfort of your home.

Import unique items from China through Alibaba, promote them on Facebook or Instagram, deliver, rinse and repeat.

Some suppliers even allow you to brand your products helping you to market and expand your business brand

Promote and Earn from Consultancy Service

If you are an expert in a certain field like fitness or even social media, you can make money selling your services to people who are willing to pay for what you are offering. I have personally done a number of consultancy gigs that I was not even particularly looking for.

People/brands would find me online, see my work, think that I had something to offer their business and invite me to offer my services.

Just like with other businesses, the key here lies with putting your name out there and just being an authority in whatever field you would like to consult in. If you are into nutrition, you might want to place yourself as an expert on your social media platforms by constantly sharing information on the topic like the best foods to eat to lose weight, food that have the highest counts or certain minerals or vitamins, a list of underrated dishes, or even how to switch your most unhealthy guilty pleasures with healthier alternatives.

Create and Sell an Digital Product Online

This is somehow similar to consultancy in that you have to be an expert in your field. The difference is, instead of offering your consultancy services, you create a digital product like an online course, downloadable template or audio product.

Find a niche that is really competitive like weight loss or making money, create a killer digital product around it and promote it on your social media platforms or your blog. You will have a bottomless source of residue income

Become an Influencer

This term is very popular these days and helps you leverage your vast online presence. Create a youtube channel or Instagram profile in a specific niche like natural hair care. Be bomb at what you do and build your following. In time, you will be able to approach or be approached by different brands to feature their products and introduce them to your followers.

Many socialites and bloggers make money this way.

Make Money Working for Research Writing Companies

This channel is very popular with college students. You earn researching and completing assignments for students in developed countries. Thee companies that pay you for your research writing services include Uvocorp, Research Writing Centre, Allwriting.net, 4writers among others.

Getting accepted as a writer in these companies has become increasing difficult over the years but there are people who sell accounts and you can be able to get them online.

During peak season, you can be able to make a killing doing research work.

We shall be updating this post regularly with other ways to earn you money online. We would also love to hear from you. How do you earn money online? Leave your comment below and we shall include your income source in this list of 101 Ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya..

This is the highest paying Online Jobs. However, involves a lot of time and research.To start, you need to have a mentor or rather you just need to look for a reliable contact person to write for, and you are good to go.Academic Writers Facebook group are some of the areas where you can interact with other writers fro training and jobs. You need to be an expert in writing before thinking to have your own writing account.

Writing E-books

E-books are slowly taking over the online community in Kenya. Just like blogging, people are making money by selling E-books on social media platforms like Facebook. Most E-books retail at Kshs 100, therefore, you just need to post the price on social media and a telephone number where people can send the money.

Online marketing

Online marketing is also another online job in Kenya that actually can make you live your dream. For instance, people nowadays have ventured into online selling. People are selling big company’s products and earn commission. A good example is Jumia Jforce Program, Jumia affiliate program or Kilimall affiliate program.

Content writing

Most of the companies are now looking for people to write a good contents for them which take take them to top ranking in the internet. Websites require good content to get a high ranking on search engines which results in better sales. you just need to master the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Web & Graphic design

Web and Graphic design is another online job in Kenya that people who are passionate about graphic design end up being freelancers and get recruited by companies from time to time. You can create a website that can showcase your skills for people to contact you for your services.

Data Entry

This involves entering a data into a certain platform as per the client. They are easy and popular work from home jobs. Most data entry jobs require little or no experience. Attention to detail (data accuracy), good typing speed and familiarity with computers and keyboards are essential skills for these online jobs in Kenya. Data entry jobs usually involve no research: you just change the format or verify the contents.


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