15 Mix and Match Outfits for a Girl

Here is another mix and match outfits for a girl post. Today's collection comes from Everyday Savvy and involves a lot of layering. This takes care of the chilly morning allowing the kid to shed a piece when the day gets warmer.

Happy styling.
Mix and Match Outfits for a Girl

Mix and Match Outfits for a Girl

Mix and Match Outfits for a Girl
The pieces you need are:
  1. 1 dress
  2. 3 tops
  3. A pair of jeggings and pants/jeans
  4. A checkered button down shirt
  5. One pair of shorts
  6. One cardigan
  7. 3 pairs of shoes (2 ballet flats and a converse pair)
  8. A mesh tiered skirt
  9. A hoodie

Until we see each other again, 

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