Toys for One Year Old Baby Girl 2015

At one year old, your girl is probably standing on her own. She is just starting to do things on her own like feeding herself finger foods, trying to help when you dress her and imitating some of your moves like brushing your hair or using the phone. Her motor skills are still developing and you need to think along these lines when you are looking for perfect toys for one year old baby girl. Choose toys that promote hand eye coordination, learning as well as motor skills.

Fill and Spill Toys
Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill toy

These kind of toys promote learning, and coordination. They are great for fine tuning those motor skills and for keeping the little hands away from your keys and other contaminated adult items. The Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill toy comes with everything a one year old 'needs'. From keys to coins, mirror to a phone, we all know that these are things that every lady should have in her purse. The purse is purple and fun and your little lady will have so much fun putting things into it while learning and developing her skills further.

For just under $20, this durable play set will bring much value to a one year old girl. The fabric is free from Phthalate and the toy is perfect for teens as well. It is a great gift for any young lady.

Check our the Melissa &Doug Pretty Purse Fill on to view the full description for this amazing toy for a one year old girl.

Plush and Cuddly Toys

One year old girls love to cuddle soft toys. It is fun to watch your little one playing mum or just cuddled up next to their fluffy friend. The Meyer Shoezzz is a perfect plush toy for a one year old girl. It is made 100% from recycled bottles and is therefore environment friendly, it is soft and cuddly and free from dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

The Horse is big, being  10 inches long and long lasting. This will serve your child for over 6 years. The thing I love the best about this toy is that each horse uses up 10 soda bottles which would have polluted the earth. Talk about making lemonade from lemons.

Going for just under $10, the Shoezzz Horse is a perfect holiday or birthday gift toy for a one year old baby girl.

You can read the Shoezzz Horse review here or head over to Amazon .com to see the product description as well as read what other mums are saying about it.

Talking Toys

At one year old, your daughter is just learning her first words. Since birth, all she has been doing is listening and she's almost putting what she's learnt so far to the test. Encourage this using toys that respond to various stimuli such as shaking or squeezing with sound effects that your girl can relate to.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set comes with 2 teacups, a kettle, cookie tray as well as teethable cookies. And do not forget music to go with it. After all, what is a tea party without music? This toy combines music, learning and imagination. She will learn numbers, shapes, greetings and manners.

When the girl tips the teapot to pour out the tea, this triggers fun sound effects. The tea bag also sings when pressed. These features make this set an amazing toy for a one year old girl for just under $20.

Check out the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set on to read the product description in full.

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