Britam Health Insurance

One of the best health insurance in Kenya is Britam health insurance commonly referred to as Mediflex. Mediflex offers inpatient as well as outpatient covers. 

The inpatient health insurance gives a comprehensive cover for covered employees and their dependents for any hospitalization that occurs within the policy period.
Britam Health Insurance

Mediflex Advantages
  • An added employee benefit by the employer
  • Peace of mind for the covered employees and their dependents
  • Group health insurance does not discriminate based on one’s health
Covered services
  • Hospital accommodation.
  • Medical investigations, testing & pathology
  • Prescribed medication
  • Theatre and surgical fees
  • Surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees
  • Inpatient physiotherapy
  • Day care procedures
  • Inpatient physiotherapy.
  • Road and air evacuation within the country
Added Benefits, at an extra cost
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions such as HIV and AIDs are covered.
  • Psycho effective illness like depression are covered as well
  • Maternity cover
  • Free emergency CS operations are covered
Overseas Treatment
  • The policy also covers medical expenses incurred outside East Africa but only for up to a period of six weeks from the traveling date.

Britam health insurance cover is available to all registered companies, Chamas, NGOs, organizations and businesses with at least 10 employees.

Contact Britam

To contact Britam insurance to get more information on their health insurance cover, send an email to the company through their email address, call either of these numbers (020) 2833000 and
0703 094 000 or visit their offices at Britam Centre, Mara/Ragati Road Junction, Upperhill

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Image credit: Britam Kenya

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