Gifts Ideas Under $10 for Infants

It's an exciting time when your friend or relative is pregnant or just after they bring home the new addition to the family. It is time to think about gifts to welcome home the little ball of cuddles. While you might be tempted to just bring diapers; gifts that every person shows up with, how about thinking outside the box and bringing along something a little more thoughtful and practical. Do not worry about the budget. We understand that times are tough, we shall list gift ideas that go for under $10.

A Soothing Teething Toothbrush

From 3 months, babies begin to teeth. This is the hardest time for the baby and the mother. The tender and sore gums make the infant fussy and the temperature and diarrhea associated with the whole teething business is stressful for the mother.  This is also a perfect time to start introducing good hygiene habits to the little baby. The bendable banana training toothbrush is not only soothing to the tender gums, it is also a lot safer than traditional toothbrushes. It has a wide banana peel handle that controls how far into the mouth the toothbrush can go. This ensures that your baby will never hurt herself. The handle is also very good in making handling and manipulation of the toothbrush by the tiny hands a lot easier. Every part of the baby banana bendable training toothbrush is textured and therefore provides soothing relief to the sore gums. These qualities and a lot more you can read in the baby banana bendable training toothbrush review makes this product a perfect gift idea $10 for a baby between three and four months.

Check out the banana toothbrush on now to read what other customers are saying about it.

A wet/Dry Diaper Bag

Babies come with unbelievable amounts of messes, accidents and spills. It becomes difficult to keep their soiled cloth diapers or other wet things in the bag without contaminating other items. A wet/dry diaper bag is a practical way of carrying all your things in one bag; the soiled wet items are stored in a zippered separate compartment from everything else.  Print Baby Cloth Diaper Waterproof Zippered Wet/Dry Bag is an example than only goes for under $10. Other than the separate wet and dry zippered sections, the outside of the bag is cotton printed with fun colors. The bag is big enough to fit 5 to 7 clothes diapers and is therefore big enough for overnight trips with your baby.  This bag makes a great baby shower gift and as well as an infant gift.

Read the  Zippered wet/dry bag review here or head to to see what other mothers are saying about this incredibly practical diaper bag.

A Plush Cuddly Toy

At three months and below, your child is just exploring the new world with her touch, hearing and sight senses. They are attracted to bright colors, jiggly sounds as well as soft toys they can cuddle. For mothers or friends who are sensitive to the environment and on the lookout for green friendly toys, the Mary Meyer Earthmates Fuzz that Wuzz, Shoezzzz Horse is a perfect choice for them. This 10 inches long toy is a plush horse that is made 100% from recycled soda bottles. For every Shozzz Horse manufactured, 10 bottles are recycled. The toy is safe and fun and soft  enough for your baby's tender skin. It is a brown horse with a white tail, feet and mane. The toy is free from toxic chemicals and pestcides and will serve the little baby for 5 years. All these for less than $10.

Read the Shoezzz Horse review here or head over to to view the product descriptions in detail.

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