Presents for One Year Old Boy 2017

 When getting presents for one year old boys, it is important to get items that are sure to go for intriguing items that scratch the imaginative itch in a one year old boy. Balls, interesting picture books, building blocks, push toys and water toys are some of the great choices you can go for. Here is a collection of amazing presents for one year old boy 2017 that you can get on the Amazon store.

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag, 80-Piece (Classic)
A one year old boy can play, store and carry this Mega Blocks First Builders Big Building Bag wherever and whenever.  It comes with 80 building blocks which will provide great and exciting entertainment to the little boy as he practices his developing his motor skills and the use of his hands. The good thing about this set is that it provides stimulates the little one's imagination. The Mega Bloks storage bag comes in handy when it comes to keeping all the pieces together and the strap makes it easy for the one year old to easily carry it around.All these features secure this gift in the list of great presents for one year old boy.

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Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band
Making music is much much fun for a one year old! Hohner kids toddler music band includes mini-wave drum, three musical sound shapes, and a glockespiel with a toddler safe mallet.It also comes with a handy storage bag that makes it portable and easy to put together. Here are the main features:
  • Xylophone, sea drum, and three different musical shapes with beads and bells
  • Perfect for one year old and older
  • Easy to grasp and play with
  • BPA free, phythlate free, lead free
  • Includes a reusable storage box
  • Another one of great presents for one year old boy 2017

Earlyears Roll 'n Swirl Ball Ramp
Earlyears Roll 'n Swirl Ball Ramp will mesmerize a one year old as the ball races down the tower. The balls are clear and heavy-duty and contain colorful beads which make entertaining noises when the balls are rolled. The repeated activity is perfect for perfecting fine motor skills and movements. Among the Earlyears Roll 'n Swirl Ball Ramp great features are;
  • 5-tier ball ramp and three spinning balls
  • Tower can be dismantled easily
  • Colorless balls with colorful beads that make noise
  • Perfect for babies from 9 months

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench
When the one year old pounds on this toy, the pegs on the bench go up and down. The pegs on Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench actually take their turn showing their cute smiley faces. Unique features include:
  • A pounding bench
  • Smiley pegs that are non-removable
  • The one year old will have so much fun naming the colours
  • Very good for motor development
  • A pounding mallet is included of course
  • Among perfect presents for one year old boy
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VTech - Baby's Learning Laptop
The VTech - Baby's Learning Laptop is designed to teach the little one shapes, feelings and objects. The common features include:
  • It teaches feelings, shapes, common objects and music
  • Bright screen that lights up and a colorful keyboard
  • A moveable mouse
  • Volume control

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