Guess What.,

Most of you have been writing to me, threatening to come to my house and light my cats on fire if I don’t post soon. And this is the point where I stand to say that I do not own a single cat, I swear. You’re welcome to do anything else to me though (like throw stinking eggs at my door), but am sure once I explain what I’ve been up to, you’re instantly forgive me. Hopefully…  :-)

You see, I’ve been busy, and tired, and sick (sort of) but mostly busy.

‘Doing what?’ you ask.

Well, ‘This and that.’

Especially this…

Yes, that's a bun in the oven.


  1. Congratulations! And yes, you are forgiven :)

  2. Thanks Swthrt. I knew you'd understand. :)

  3. This is wonderful news! This part of cyber-space has been very quiet without your amusing adventures but as @savvykenya says - we understand and all is forgiven. I hope you will find time to visit here and say jambo every now and then - but it is all best wishes to you. Take care...

  4. ...forgiven?? I am not REALLY sure about that but you can at least post one story on "being the oven" and I might let you name your child BehindMyStunnas. ;-)...

  5. I'm glad I have friends like you guys. Thanks so much.

  6. :-(... Why you not forgive me? By the time am done telling you all, you'll want nothing more than for me to stop. The reason am not writing is coz I have so much to say am not sure where to start.

  7. about you let me be the judge of that hun. :-). Hehehehe...


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