It was You

I met him in my dreams,

And immediately knew he was different

Compassionate and upright,

Captivating yet naughty

Just like a parrot’s beak,

Beautiful flower yet so rare

He was there,

And he was you...

He’d wake me in the night,

And tell me to tell him a story

How he loved to listen to me,

And how I loved that he did

He’d nod and smile,

And hold me when I cried

Yes he was there,

And he was you...

My tower of strength he became,

A pillar to lean on

He was a best friend,

My rock and my family

A melon in the desert,

So precious was my dove

It is true he was there,

And he was you...

But then morning came,

And the dream came to an end

And when the fog had cleared,

I stared in disbelief

Not just what I had dreamt,

Oh... that, and so much more

For there stood my prince,

And you know it is you


  1. Wololo! Cupid just snatched one of my favourite bloggers! Operation RescueCeskyCess mara io io!

  2. Dont panic dear... Cupid strikes me only once every year. :-)

  3. Love is in the air..........nice one Cesky Cess and happy valentines

  4. Happy Val's day to you too Woolie.

  5. Now I know what to do to be a tower of strength to lean on and a rare beautiful flower to that special one ;-)

  6. Ohhh.... some relief :) I was scared there a bit.


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