My Blind Date

Five found us in town. My friend Kay was to hook me up with her friend and she was to be sorted out by F; a friend of hers. F together with her boyfriend picked us up and we headed to some place whose name I cannot recall. My date was to join us there. And join us he did. Kay was not as lucky, for her date to be stood her up. I was a little disappointed as I’d wanted to see the way she’d act for she’d promised not to laugh if the guy started talking about his three motor bikes!! Well, I forgot to tell you that part; that F had already told Kay to be very positive as the guy she was about to meet was so rich that he owned three motorbikes!!!! I still don’t know why we found that so funny!

There was a blue label in the car. We were invited to take shots so as to be able to reason with the host couple; they were already drunk! I took two shots. Just two and they messed my whole night!

By the time I ordered my first black ice, I was already seeing stars. That’s the time when my date arrived. My state made sure that I approved of what my friend had done for me. The guy was good looking and he drove a very nice car. White in colour is the best description I can come up with.

We were now five, my date, Kay, the couple, who looked like they really needed a room, and me. The two guys competed or so I assumed, to buy us drinks.… if one ordered two, two drinks, the other would make it triple and so on… I can’t even tell when the lovebirds left and the next thing I knew, I was in the washrooms calling a guy I’d just broken up with. He was unreachable. Facebook came to my rescue and I found his friend’s number. I guess the friend realized what was going on for he did not talk to me much.

You can bet that by the time I reached my ex, he already knew that I’d called his friend. It took him just a few minutes to know that I was high and he told me to just go sleep. And go to sleep I did not. I went back and we went on pinting…

We must have changed the venue at some point…. How? Do not ask me… Am sure you’re wondering whether I had talked to my date. Well, wonder no more, he’d been trying to strike a conversation the whole time but my mind could not cooperate at all.

I even remember dozing off at some point. Had they left me there, I could not have known. I staggered to the car and we headed to Milimani. They wanted to grab a drink each before calling it a night but I could not take no more. I just wanted to go sleep. By the time my head hit the pillow, I was dead asleep….

And that is how I messed my first blind date and got to the office carrying…. no sipping Fanta from a bottle at eight o’clock in the morning…no, at some minutes past nine!


  1. first, i like the new theme, very nice, the other one was bland, but singesema nisichapwe!
    2, how that blind date went, wacha tu, comment reserved.

  2. >Wakarima, :( ungesema. Ningekuchapa tu kidogo. :) Thanx. About my date, ........!!!!!!!

  3. i here ban u from blind datin at the pain of death if ur stage a rebelion damn the good old days

  4. >Peter, Wat if I promise to behave the next time I do it? Will u change ur mind??

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  6. lmao... stay wawy from the bottle. I wish there was a video.. chic

  7. I did girl. Now I just take juice. and tequila at times...;) But juice mostly. To tell you the truth, hat was the last time I took a black ice.

  8. [...] bad, no… but because when with her, I ended up doing all the wrong things. It all started with this date. As explained earlier, I could not go home in my state and ended up calling to explain why I would [...]


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