Two Plus Two Equals Four!!!

My water broke around 3:30 that Sunday afternoon. Since I’d been in ‘barely there’ labor since 9 in the morning, everything was ready and already by the door. I quickly put on the blue dress that boyfriend was ironing at the time and we rushed out...

Modern Mom Can't Cook

The food had just started boiling when I heard a knock on the door. My pocket was hurting that day; I only had 4 shillings to my name. Not one to despair, I was contented working with what I had – rice, potatoes and an onion. Without the tomatoes to at least add some color, I was prepared to have some very bland lunch. But it was ok, ...

Biggest Baby Expenses and How to Save on Them

Though the spending on the new baby is inevitable, there are steps you can take to ensure that you keep the costs at a minimum. In this post, we look at the biggest baby expenses and how to save on them ...

I am Selfish

There’s a long hoot and I’m screaming his name at the top of my lungs. In that split second, I see my life come to an end. I see myself losing my best friend barely two days after his coming home. I see him robbed of life right before my very eyes...

I'm Home at the Candy Shop

Essentials greets you as you enter. Though on the first floor, it is the first thing that draws your eyes as you walk in. There’s something about kids' stuff that just whispers to you; especially when you are a parent. Without the pressure of shopping and a baby tagging at my skirt telling me that she wants this or that, I felt like I was in a candy store. And I sort of was.

Dealing with Unwarranted Parenting Advice

Being different is ok. We are all special in one way or another. This memo, however, did not get to the perfection bullies. When your child is a little different, they’ll make it their business to tell you what you probably did wrong to end up where you are, and come up with so many solutions to your problem your head will spin.

Melina's Messy Updo

A messy updo comes in handy when I need to do a simple hairstyle in little to no time. I have found that it works best on freshly washed hair as the curls are more defined then. You do not even have to comb it. Just shampoo, condition, moisturize, oil and style :-)

Of Housegirls and Parenting

She called early Sunday morning telling me that she was in town but when I went to get her, my calls went unanswered. Thirty missed calls later, I could not reach her. Thinking that her phone must have run out of charge, I now had the hectic task of looking for her in a crowded town via footsteps the way it used to be done like 3 presidents ago ...

Goodbye Ceskycess. Hello, Modern Mom.

When I started blogging, I had no idea what I wanted to say. I therefore wrote some really pathetic posts and prayed that no one would ever read them. A few months later, a love interest did some stalking, found my blog and read the half-baked posts. To please me (I think), he praised and gushed my writing.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta meets First Lady of Central African Republic at State House

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta held talks with the First Lady of Central African Republic Madam Brigitte Toudore, Member of Executive Board and CEO of Merck Healthcare Dr. Belen Garijo and Chief Social Officer of Merck Healthcare Dr. Rasha Kelej. They agreed to scale up programs aimed at empowering women in Africa.

(L-R): Madam Brigitte Toudore, Margaret Kenyatta, Dr. Belen Garijo, Dr. RashaKelej

Margaret Kenyatta expressed the need to facilitate women to play an active role in nation building.
On her part, Madam Brigitte commended her Kenyan counterpart for spearheading the beyond zero campaign to reduce maternal and child mortality, saying she is a true model of African motherhood.
Madam Brigitte is a Champion of Merck More than a Mother, which supports women facing stigma because of infertility.

The organization has been empowering women across Africa who have been stigmatized by initiating projects that enable them to restart and continue with their normal lives.
The Chief Executive of the Organization Dr Belen Garijo told Margaret Kenyatta that they not only support the victims but are also helping communities change their mind-set concerning infertility.

Until we see each other again, 

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8 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

Every woman is unique with different likes and styles, but there are those items that are staples no matter who you are. Below we look at 8 wardrobe essentials that are classic and can stand the test of time regardless of season or seasonal trends. Pieces that can effortlessly mix and match with anything in your wardrobe.

A statement heel

Buckle Stlletto Heel: Stylewe
Heels are a great way of showing off those legs. They make them look leaner, longer and sexier and can be worn with anything from a simple pencil skirt to a classy cocktail dress. Black and nude colors go well with any outfit while strappy and detailed heels add more drama to your look.

A sparkly clutch bag

Have one of these for those rare and special occasions when you need to turn up. A simple metallic clutch will give you a dressed up glam look. It will also save you the inconvenience of carrying a large bag especially in crowded places like bars and restaurants.

A Black Blazer

Stripped long sleeve blazer:Stylewe
A classic blazer is a very important piece in any woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn to the office over a blouse and a pencil slack/official pants. It can be worn to a coffee date over a simple t-shirt and jeans. And it can also be worn in the evening over a cocktail dress. Choose a classic one that is well fitted to ensure that it transitions easily through the seasons.

A Pair of Classic Jeans

Go for straight cut or skinny jeans.  They look great with a simple top and when worn under high boots.  Wear something loose on top like an oversized sweater if you are worried about your mid-section. Avoid the overly-trendy one that have cuts, dyes and rips because they tend to be seasonal.

A Jumpsuit

If you find the right one, a jumpsuit will look good in any body type. It is a perfect summer style staple that makes you look dressed up without really dressing up.  Go for solid colors or choose a bright one if you are a little bolder.

A Little Black Dress

Every woman owns one for a reason; its versatility is legendary. The kneel-length hemline is the best. Dress it down during the day and glam it up with jewellery and a metallic clutch in the evening. Whenever you have no idea what to wear (and we all know it happens often), the little black dress will always come to your rescue.

An Elegant Party Dress

Elegant A-line Midi dress: Stylewe
A classy party dress has a way of making you feel good about yourself. This is where you should go all out and make a huge impression. Worn with heels and a dramatic necklace, you are sure to turn those heads.  Learn more about it here.

Bold Accessories

You can change the look of an outfit completely by throwing on different accessories.  Accessories are also a great way of adding a splash of color and life to an otherwise boring outfit. Play around with different designs of hats, scarves, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets and watch how they transform your look.  StyleWe have a clearance sale on all these and 2000 more styles. You can get 15-70% off your next order.


Until we see each other again,

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Fertility Should be a Shared Responsibility

I’m very blessed to have two girls that I call my own. Because of them I’ve had many sleepless nights, I’ve been worried and I’ve been broke but I would not know how to breathe without them. They changed my life in ways I could never have imagined and I could not be more grateful. 

I feel a familiar pain in my chest as I'm thinking this and I'm jolted back to the current happenings . Unconsciously, I let my mind wander back home where I left the little one sleeping. Thinking about her triggers a let-down and I have to cross my arms, pressing down the chest to stop the milk from flowing; I do not want to risk messing up my blouse.. I’m at Intercontinental for the Merck more than a Mother workshop on how we can together create a culture shift.

H.E. Madam Brigitte Touadera - First Lady Central African Republic

I look at the screen in front of the room and tears well up in my eyes. Jackline Mwende’s story is playing and it is gruesome to say the least. She has scars all over her swollen face and where her hands once were she now spots bandages. Her injuries were not sustained in an accident; neither was she a victim of a home invasion. She was attacked by her own husband for something that wasn’t even her fault; she could not conceive.

The saddest thing is that her husband is the one who had the infertility issues. But even though infertility affects men and women equally, more often than not, the woman is the one who carries the blame. They then suffer from isolation, discrimination and psychological trauma. They listen to other women complain about their kids and wish that they had children to complain about. We talk about how hard it is to lose the baby weight and all they're thinking about is how they'd love their new bodies if they ever got pregnant. How they long to accidentally mess their tops with breast milk during an important meeting, or to have their kids jump on their beds at 5 on a Saturday morning when all they want to do is to sleep for a few more minutes.

But instead of getting empathy and understanding, infertile women in Africa have to deal with insensitive questions, and lack of support from those closest to them. Some of the women who told their stories during the workshop talked of rejection by family members, and their husbands going out to look for other women.

Dr. Evans Kidero - Nairobi Governor
Merck understand the struggles that these women go through everyday. With their More than a Mother Program, many infertile women in Africa have been empowered and are now leading independent and productive lives. Merck supports them establish small businesses that can sustain them individually or as a group. In Kenya Grace Kambini and Jackline Mwende are some of the women who have benefited from the program. More than 70  women having infertility issues in Taita Taveta have also been helped to register a CBO and access a ranch where plans are underway to get 100 cows that will mark their new beginning.  
Courtesy: Merck more than a Mother

Merck not only helps infertile women stand on their own two feet, but they also believe that we have to change our thinking if the stigma associated with infertility is to be dealt with. To reduce the violence against the women and change everyone’s mindset, there is need to raise awareness of infertility prevention and management. There is also need to go beyond just helping those who can’t have kids. Merck more than a mother program objectives are;
  1. Creating a culture shift to de-stigmatize infertility and to respect and appreciate infertile women in Africa
  2. raising Awareness about Infertility Prevention & Management and Male Infertility by integrating it into Healthcare Infrastructure that already exist, such as HIV, Maternal Health and Mother  and Child Programs
  3. Education and Training for African Embryologists since the lack of trained and skilled staff is a big challenge
  4. Supporting Policy Makers to define ART Policies to Improve Access to Regulated Fertility Care
  5. Building Advocacy and Open Dialogue and work closely with Governments, Policy Makers, Parliaments, Healthcare Providers, Fertility Experts and Media to define interventions to reduce the social suffering and Improve Access to Regulated, Effective and Safe Fertility Care in Africa
  6. Empowering Infertile women Socially and Economically through Access to Awareness, Health Change of mind-set and Empower Women who cannot be treated anymore through starting a small business for them to build their independence and happier lives through "Empowering Berna" project.

(L-R) Dr. Belen Garijo, Merck Group CEO, Hon. Joyce Lay, MP Taita Taveta, Dr. Rasha Kelej, Merck Chief Social Officer..

Infertility is one of the commonest conditions affecting the reproductive age group of 20 to 45 yrs. Infections, toxins and occupational hazards are the main causes of infertility with half of them being due to or including male factors. Men can reduce their risk of infertility by;

  • Avoiding drugs and smoking. They should also reduce their alcohol intake as this can contribute to male infertility
  • Avoid high temperatures as it affects sperm production even though temporarily. Wear loose pants, use a shower instead of hot tubs and steam baths and avoid riding motorbikes
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet. Obesity is directly related to testosterone levels; a hormone responsible for sperm production. A recent study even confirmed that it takes obese couples 55-59% 55-59% longer to conceive as compared to their non-obese counterparts. Eating a balanced diet provides the necessary nutrients to optimize sperm function and minimize the effects of factors which may otherwise damage the sperm.
  • Avoiding exposure to industrial and environmental toxins, paints and petrochemicals that may damage and impact sperm production.

If we see fertility as a shared responsibility that it is, we can be stronger together as we prevent and manage the condition. This entails;

  • Following the points listed above to reduce chances of infertility
  • Men should be men enough to accept when there’s a problem and be ready to offer their support
  • Couples should get tested together. This will ensure that the women do not carry all the blame
  • It is also very important to support each other as infertility is not a simple issue. It weighs you down and it means the world to know that someone has got your back no matter what.

Until we see each other again, 

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Washable/ Reusable Cloth Diapers in Kenya

If you ended up here, you are probably considering switching from disposable to the washable or reusable cloth diapers. And just to assure you that you are making the right decision, here are reasons why washable/reusable cloth diapers are better than pampers and the like…
Washable/removable diaper

  1. Environment friendly– The world could do with less dirty and plastic diapers
  2. Economical – Though the initial investment is a lot. Disposable cloth diapers can be used again and again and that will save you thousands of shillings at the end of the day.
  3. Re-usability – You never have to worry about running out. You use them over and over again!
  4. Come in a range of super cute prints, colors and styles – Goodbye boring dullness.
  5. Contain no harmful chemicals or absorbent gels – Some babies have very sensitive skin that is prone to reaction outbreaks as a result of the absorbent balls found in disposable diapers.
  6. What nappy rash? – Since they do not react with babies skins, you never have to worry about a nappy rash.
  7. More breathable – As opposed to being wrapped up in plastic, cloth and washable diapers are more breathable thus ensuring air circulation to the baby’s skin.
  8. Convenient and handy – Gone are days when cloth diapers meant nappies. Today’s washable and reusable diapers are easy to snap into place and can be adjusted accordingly. No need for safety pins.

Key Properties

  • One size fit for all babies from 3 – 20 kgs
  • Soft and comfortable on baby’s skin
  • Super absorbent.
  • Washable
  • Reusable
Get  Washable/reusable diapers here

Until we see each other again, 

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Obese Women Take Much Longer Time to Conceive, Research Concludes

A study on fertility and body composition published in the Journal Human Reproduction has concluded that it may take overweight women 55-59% longer to conceive as compared to their non-obese counterparts.

501 couples from Texas and Michigan between 2005 and 2009 were examined, until pregnancy or up to 1 year of trying to get pregnant, for the study. The women were between 18 and 44 years while the men were 18+years. The participants kept a journal recording their menstrual cycles, intercourse and home pregnancy test results. Those who participated were from the general population and not those undergoing treatment for infertility.

The researchers compared the average time it took the couples from the non-obese group to conceive to that of the couples in the obese group. They then calculated the probability that a couple would conceive using a statistical measure known as the fecundability odds ratio (FOR).

The research showed that obese couples took much longer time to conceive than the non-obese couples. Couples in the non-obese group had FOR of 1 while those in the obese group had FOR of 45 which means that it took 55% longer.

When other attributes affecting fertility such as smoking, age, cholesterol level and physical activity were taken into account, the ratio for the obese group went even lower with 59% longer time to get pregnant.

The study concluded that couples' obesity may affect fertility and specialists may want to take couples' weight status into account when counseling their clients about conceiving.

More on the study here.

Until we see each other again, 

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Flat Belly with a Tummy Trimmer in Kenya

A Tummy Trimmer
No matter how big or small you are, there’s something very sexy about a flat tummy. This is a pipe dream for many women especially after pregnancy and delivery. The weight gained around the waist line takes time to go away. At times it never does. A tummy trimmer is an effective tool in exercising the middle section and ensuring that your stomach is flat and firm.

I got mine 6 months after my first delivery. At that point the extra weight was taking time melting off. Doing sit-ups was not as easy as it once was and my weight loss had reached a plateau. The tummy trimmer not only eased the exercises, it also provided the resistance I needed to tone areas like the thighs, hips, arms and legs.

I like the fact that it is light and portable, and it takes very little space in the house. I normally hang mine on the wall. It has a comfortable foot rest and a loop to secure the foot grip. The handles are also firm and provide a steady grip.

Did it work like it was supposed to? Yes. It sort of invites you to do a quick workout and when put to work, it does what it is supposed to.

Key Features

  • Workout tool ideal for both men and women
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and light weight
  • Amazing results


  • Handles provide a nice firm grip
  • Comfortable foot rest
  • It makes it-ups easier for those just starting out
  • It is light and portable
  • It does not take up much storage space. You can just hung it on the wall.


It is definitely a worthy purchase. trimmer


Until we see each other again, 

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7Pc Non-stick Cooking Pots Review

I just bought this set a few months ago and I'm more than happy with it. It comes with 4 non-stick pots with glass lids, 2 long handled non-stick frying pans and 2 spoons. pots
Though I went for the blue ones, other colors available are green, silver and red. The pots are non-stick which means that your food will cook without burning or sticking to the surface of the pot.

This is not only good for the flavor but also when it comes to cleaning. No more using steel wool. As a mater of fact, scrubbing will compromise the quality of your pots.

I was surprised when I received my order because I did not expect the pots to be as big as they are. The second largest is bigger than my biggest sufuria and that is a very good thing. My household has 4 members and I'm yet to use the largest pot of the lot.

They get real hot very quickly and that plus the lid help in heat use efficiency. Do not worry about burning your hands though as the handles remain cool at all times. The pots stack perfectly into each other making them space efficient. I however have a hard time storing the lids as the handles makes it impossible for them to fit into themselves.

 Product Key Features

  • Non-stick Coating‎,‎
  • Back lite handles for fire resistance‎,‎
  • Internally reinforced 2 coats technology
  • Specially designed bottom for better heat efficiency
  • Non-stick coating‎.‎
  • 100% Non-Toxic Non-stick‎.‎

The Pros

  • They are non-stick and therefore easy to clean
  • They stack into each other making storage neat and easy
  • They are affordable
  • They all have lips which is a good thing
  • Two of them are really big and ideal for a large family

The Cons

  • I find the spoons too bendy for my liking 


At a price of about Ksh. 6,000, I have to say that this set is completely worth every cent. You can get your set on Jumia Kenya now before they run out.   

Until we see each other again, 

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7 Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for her

The romantic month is here and if you're there wondering what to get that special woman in your life on 14th, then relax because we got you. Here are 7 creative Valentine's Day gift ideas for her.


Think a necklace, a bracelet or a moderately pricey ring.

How about this gold two-in-one pendant necklace with a clasp fastening? It is elegant and romantic. post

A Classic Handbag

This one is a classic. She will always find use for a nice handbag whether carrying her essentials to church, office or to a party.

This 3-in-1 shoulder bag comes in black, blue, brown and maroon. post

A Scarf

Scarves can take that dull outfit to the next level effortlessly. They are an essential part of any lady's wardrobe.

This blue/beige star print long scarf is double sided thus giving you two scarves at the price of one. post


You can never go wrong with a good perfume.

Escada Magnetism is a vanilla fragrance for the ladies with red berries, pineapple, melon, black current litchi and cassia top notes. post

A Flirty Dress

A skater dress is a perfect gift for Valentine's. It cinches the waist at it's tiniest complementing anybody type by emphasizing the curves.

This `sweet piece is trendy, elegant and affordable. post

A Watch

Gone are days when watches were just used to tell the time. We now have phones. The main purpose of watches today is to make a fashion statement. And what better way to do so than with this stunning piece?

This stunning timepiece is perfect for any occasion. It is water resistant and has a round alloy case with a ceramic bezel. post

A Classy Heel

I'm yet to meet a woman who is not obsessed with shoes. A nice heel will score you major points. Double points if you can find one that can transition between day and evening.

These Saints nude pumps have a detailed heel for that classy finish. post

Until we see each other again, 

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Everything for your Baby

BabyShop is bringing you the online shopping experience through Jumia Kenya. This is a chance to buy everything you need for your baby from the comfort of your home and have your order delivered to you wherever you are. shop

Among the products available are;
  • Feeding bottles
  • Walkers
  • Diaper Bags
  • Back packs
  • Lunch and Sandwich boxes
  • Newborn Starter Sets
  • Toys
  • Car Seats
  • Colouring Books
  • Cuddle Wraps
  • Baby Monitors
  • Body Suits
  • Playsets Among others
Visit the Baby Shop Page on Jumia for these and more baby products. 

Until we see each other again, 

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Huge Offer: Bouncy Diapers Flash Sale

It’s January and things are clearly not good. Payday looks like three months away and you have mouths to feed, fare, school fees and other bills to settle. Any coin you can save is completely worth it. That’s why as a mom, I’m letting you in on a little secret.

Jumia have a big flash sale on Bouncy Diapers tomorrow the 13th Jan, between 12 and 2PM. 40% off. We all know you need them diapers, and the discount even more! flash sale

Click the banner above or simply visit the bouncy page on Jumia, bookmark, set a reminder on your phone and feel free to thank me later.

Until we see each other again, 

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Merck More than a Mother championed by Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari says no to Infertility Stigma. This time in NIGERIA

“Merck More than a Mother” campaign launched in Nigeria championed by the country’s first lady, Her Excellency Mrs. Aisha Buhari. The launch held in Abuja, Nigeria is in partnership with Senate Commission on Health; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and Future Assured organization.

At the Merck More than a Mother event launch in Abuja: Dr. Mohammed Kamal National Coordinator, Future Assured Foundation; Hon. Joyce Lay, Member of Parliament, Kenya; Senator Dr. Lanre Tejuoso, the Chairman Senate Committee on Health, Nigeria; Dr. Rasha Kelej (centre), Chief Social Officer, Merck; HE Dolapo Osinbajo, Wife of Vice President of Nigeria; Dr. Toyin Saraki, Wife of Senate President, Nigeria; Hon. Sarah Opendi, Minister of State of Health, Uganda; and Prof.  Isaac Adewole, Hon. Federal Minister of Health, Nigeria

“Merck More than a Mother” continues its commitment to break stigma around infertility and empower infertile women by improving access to information, education, healthcare and change of culture and mind set to de-stigmatize infertility.

Her Excellency Mrs. Buhari pledged her support and the support of Nigerian Governors’ wives  in the implementation of “Merck More than a Mother’s” activities in Nigeria focusing on eliminating infertility Stigma and creating awareness and providing information and education on causes of infertility; facilitating access to healthcare; and economic and social empowerment of infertile women.

Helen Phillip, one of the infertility stigma victims in Nigeria, after rolling in Merck more than a Mother program

The Nigerian women leaders also supported the empowering of infertile women who form a vulnerable part of the population. Infertile women in Nigeria and many other African countries who can no longer be treated and have been empowered socially and economically to lead independent and happier lives through “Empowering Berna” initiative. “Empowering Berna” is part of “Merck More than a Mother” campaign.

Helen Phillip, a Nigerian woman from the North shared her story of suffering from Infertility Stigma and expressed her gratitude to the support “Merck more than a Mother” provided her through establishing new business so that she can become an independent productive member in her community.
Merck More Than a Mother - The Story of Empowering Helen Philip, Nigeria

Merck more than a Mother committed to work hard to ensure that no other woman would suffer the same way Jackeline did.

Watch Nigeria’s Infertile Women sharing their stories of social suffering of infertility stigma and their transformation after the economic and social empowerment provided by “Merck more than a Mother” through “Empowering Berna “project:
Merck More Than a Mother - The Story of Empowering Victoria John Kuba, Nigeria
Merck More Than a Mother - The Story of Empowering Kachollom. M. Sha
Merck More Than a Mother - The Story of Empowering Khadijat Yaya, Nigeria
Merck More Than A Mother - The Story of Empowering Oluchi Omenife, Nigeria
Merck More Than A Mother - The Story of Empowering Chinelo Azodo, Nigeria
Merck More Than A Mother - The Story of Empowering Ijeoma Ezeaku
Merck More Than A Mother - The Story of Empowering Nneka Omenife, Nigeria

Discussing the way forward with Merck more than a Mother in Nigeria, H.E. Wife of the vice President of Nigeria and Rasha Kelej , Chief Social officer of Merck

“In Nigeria we have been advocating for the end of harmful traditional practices including the stigmatization of women which is prevalent all over the country. Women have not been coming out openly because they are traumatized. With this campaign we will encourage them to speak out and we pledge our support and collaboration,” said Hon. Aisha Alhassan, Nigeria’s Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development.

Dr. Rasha Kelej, Chief Social Officer, Merck Healthcare

“Merck More than a Mother” campaign is a great initiative to break the stigma around infertility and to empower an unprivileged category of women in Africa, women who suffer infertility. Infertile women have been neglected, mistreated and discriminated because they cannot bear a child, yet 50% of infertility is due to male factors. We can together improve access to education, information, awareness, health care and change of mind-set and culture to stop these women’s suffering,” said Dr. Rasha Kelej, Chief Social Officer, Merck Healthcare.

Two panel discussions of fertility experts and policy makers during the launch called for an end to the stigmatization of infertile women; creation of awareness and education on the causes of infertility and management since untreated STIs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia may be the cause of up to 85% of infertility among women seeking infertility care which can be treated and prevented; male infertility; building advocacy for the development of artificial reproductive therapy (ART) laws to improve the governance and quality of fertility care; improving access to fertility care by integrating it into public reproductive health services and building the capacity to provide quality and safe fertility care through training.

Prof. Isaac Adewole Hon. Minister of Health emphasized: “We are responsible for policy at the Ministry level and this is where we can make a difference in improving access to fertility care in Nigeria. We will work through training institutions we are responsible for to strengthen fertility management by making it a sub-specialty. We will also as a Ministry work with private sector, the Senate and the National Assembly to improve governance and quality of care to provide standards to protect infertile men and women seeking treatment.”

“Merck More than a Mother” was first implemented in Kenya in 2015 followed by Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic and Nigeria.

To read more about Merck More than a Mother, visit and

H.E. Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo , high level panelists and , wives of Governors from Nigeria together with infertile women who have benefitted from ‘Empowering Berna’ project .

About The stigma of Infertility in Africa:
Jackline Mwende  the recent victim of Infertility stigma tells us her story of suffering of terrible violence by her husband.

Until we see each other again, 

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